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A Tribute to my good friend Sandy

A dedication to my good friend Sandy Nassau who I've known since junior high and all throughout high school and who was always a good friend and it is nice to see him again.

 I remember my best friend from Kennedy HS was someone I had tremendous respect for and someone I learned a lot from. His name, Sandy Nassau. I remember Sandy as a very intelligent and gifted individual who loved black and white photography and also loved to build things. I was quite impressed and enjoyed assisting him in his endeavors. His mom and dad and sister were very nice people too and they always made me feel welcome. Sandy would develop his pictures and I enjoyed hours with him watching him develop film in his darkroom that he built in his parents basement. He always had projects in the works and I was always asked to assist him. The most impressive thing I remember Sandy did was convert his parents basement into an apartment, drawing the floor plans and doing the carpentry and electrical work. Sandy was always driven and I am fortunate to call him a friend! I also remember when he also built his own pool table which was very sturdy and a lot of fun to play on.

My personal reflection of Life dedicated to my good friend Sandy Nassau

A friend in deed

I got to meet up with my good friend Sandy who was very kind and I enjoyed seeing him and talking about the days when we were kids and how I looked up to him and held him in high regard always. He was my good friend and we had a wonderful time just talking and I got to reveal my life now as a father to a wonderful son who I introduced him to.

I also went out with him to talk and eat and it was a bit difficult to leave my son but I knew he was in good hands and Sandy and I had to catch up and we talked about hoe my life has been a rocky road but I'm still the same person as he knew but I revealed Emily to him and went out in a pretty oink dress and the cutest shoes. I was all "girl" and that was my friend's first time seeing me as Emily but as we talked he knew I was the same friend he knew a long time ago. I explained my struggle and he was trying his best to take it all in but he was very kind and it was nice to see my good friend again. Sandy is a very special friend to me because he treated me like family. I will never forget the times Sandy would ask me to assist him in one of his new projects. It was fun to watch Sandy as he planned out with such dedication and seeing it through as I went along for the ride.

I try to just act like I always have with my friends and for friends who I have not seen for such a long time like Sandy it was my pleasure and I though he looked great. He seems to never age and he is the same good guy I always knew and admired very much. He was very respectful and very curious of my situation. He spent a good amount of time with me talking at the Broadway mall where we did some catching up and after a while he sensed my contentment in living as Emily. He still will need time to come to embrace Emily which is understandable as it took me 48 years to come to accept and embrace it. Certainly I can't expect my family and friends to embrace Emily immediately but over time they will realize I am still the same person just now I'm a "girl" but they only knew me as a "boy". They did not know my pain or my isolation and I managed to keep it a secret for most of my life never coming out until tragedy and a whole new me was coming to exist. Sandy was a true gentleman as he always had been and even treated me with respect and as a "girl" but still referred to me as Ed and that was perfectly fine with me. He is so kind that he treated me to a wonderful lunch and drove me home where we said goodbye and thank you.

Sandy is the very definition of mensch as illustrated below.
The definition of mensch  

I thank you Sandy for a wonderful time catching up and the treating to lunch and I will share this with you.

Life Lessons From My Perspective to Share

I hope we meet soon again and hope to spend a little more time talking about life and turning 50 among other things. I send my regards to you wife and children. Best Regards always.

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(but you can call me Ed)

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