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Emily's Blog on Life: Emily speaking on her life and family

Emily speaking apparently shy in the beginning but coming into her own
Matty and me (Pre-Emily) at Montauk Point, New York several years ago

Hi! I am Emily but it wasn't always that way for me. I lived a life with so many wonderful moments and occasions. I had wonderful parents. I accomplished many good things despite my shyness. I was athletic as I became a good long distance runner in high school through the guidance of my high school coach and I developed a lot of my survival skills from my coach's encouragement and his belief in me and the way he pushed me to do my best. I owe a lot to Coach Al Berkowsky. He was my mentor as well as my savior. I also had a mom and dad who were very involved in my life and committed to me despite their hardships.

I was always a good kid and I always had a good heart and I always remember having crushes on the "cute" girls in my early school years and always admired them as we moved on to high school but my life was not what you call normal. Since the age of 4 years old I knew something I had to keep my biggest secret and it was very painful as I remember crying myself to sleep wishing and hoping and dreaming that what I felt in my heart would be realized one day. I always though constantly about it and the only times I didn't was when I was busy with my school work, my sports activities and my friends. I had few but I remember enjoying their company even though I had to face my life and the outside as a boy who felt I was supposed to be a "girl" since the age of 4. I lived with this painful reality for a whole lifetime and I never told my parents who are both gone now and the only time I tried desperately to come out was in my early 30's when I wrote letters to my two sisters and my best friend, Jeff from my college days at Hofstra University.
Emily is finding her voice to speak up and uses her blog and videos to let the world know that transgender people are ok and should be accepted just as they are and accorded the same respect and opportunities as we all are entitled to

I felt cutoff from everyone and lived with a chronic shyness and never had the good fortune of dating girls. I always admired and appreciated them for their cuteness, their sweetness and their maturity. The main thing I struggled with was how would I explain my transgender to a girl and I was always worried if she would still like me and understand me. I was always a sweet young man but buried inside of that persona was a young woman just wanting to emerge and live life as a female. I always knew this was my struggle and I would have to live with it and face it every day of my life.

I went through depression as did my parents and I suffered from low self esteem which made me have to push my self even harder and overcompensate. I was a crazy mixed up kid who wanted to wear pretty clothes and just be the "girl" I knew I always was. Once I started college I had to focus on school but my biggest vice was that I would cross dress as often as possible and my "girl's" clothes were always worn underneath my "boy" clothes. It was like this all throughout my life.

Emily proudly discussing her appreciation in being considered in the Intuit contest

Emily's Blog on Life: Emily speaking on her life and family: This is my latest video uploaded to my Emily youtube page which I will use more in addition to my Ed youtube page. I talk about my current situation and include many links and videos. It is one of my most intensive works and it is a good way to introduce my new blog by Emily which I am very excited about.

"Little Eddie" so cute wanting to wear a dress

"Little Eddie" all grown up living her dream as Emily, a sweet and kind young woman and so happy and now a loving parent just like her mom and dad were to her as a "boy" She adores her son Matty and Maria who is a wonderful wife and mother!!!
An introduction to my new blog as Emily on Life
Emily reflecting on light moments sans wig which still is taking a little getting used to as I patiently wait for my hair to grow out!
All my love to my supporters, my readers, my family, my friends, my doctors, the AICPA and social media which has been a driving force in my coming out and helping me express myself through my emotions expressed in my words in my writings and my videos.
 with love, Edward Iannielli III aka Emily Iannielli
Life is to be lived and enjoyed, not to be painful and without purpose. Live your life as you were meant to in your heart as only you would know!

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