Thursday, February 25, 2021

My son’s birth, A momentous occasion

I remember my son's birth like it was yesterday. I was working in the city on a late fall day in early December back in 1998 and I received a call from my wife. I was anticipating a call sooner or later and I felt all the emotions you feel when you are preparing for something truly special as she told me to come home. I asked are you ok? She replied she is fine but I should come home and be careful. As I left work to catch the train all I could do was wonder and contemplate the birth of our baby boy. My wife had been given the choice to be informed of the baby's sex during a sonogram in her second trimester and she decided she wanted to know. Since she knew and asked if I wanted to know I felt I should since she did. I was beaming with pride as she told me and we were all so happy to know things were going fine. Boy or girl my main concern was that our child is healthy and I would have been delighted whether a boy or a girl. Since I knew we were having a son the mystery was over. I was still very excited. So I'm enroute home and my mind is racing and I am praying for a smooth and quick train ride so I can pick up my wife and get to the hospital. No matter how many times you rehearse for this moment you still want to make sure everything goes smoothly. I had no problem finding a seat on the train as it was early afternoon and there were many available. I tried to sit and read but I was too excited and could only think about my wife and hoping the time of my commute would not be to long. As each stop approached I was growing more and more excited and also thinking of all the possible scenarios. As I heard Bellmore! I rushed out of my seat and headed for the door. I was near home and was rushing to get to my wife so we could embark on this very special moment. There are times in your life where things seem to be frozen in time and this clearly was one of those times. As I headed in the door and called to my wife I was nervous and so excited. She certainly was happy to see me and she was all packed and ready. She had a late lunch waiting for me and told me to eat before we left. She called her doctor as I was quickly eating and we were ready to go. She was quite strong and couragious as she was a real trooper throughout her pregnancy. She is a petite woman and she carried somewhat big and she was happy to be nearing the time she has always dreamed of as a young girl of giving birth. I believe most girls fantasize about the time they have a little baby. We were enroute to the hospital and I made sure she was comfortable and that I was driving at a safe speed. We talked as we drove and I was making a mental snapshot of this moment in my mind and just feeling like we were truly blessed. It was now time to get my wife to emergency and park my car. I ran to admissions to sign in while my wife was being prepped. I've been waiting for this moment since I was a young man and just hoping everything would go right. I remembered all the breathing techniques to share with my wife from our Lemarz class. All I could think of was that my wife is comfortable and that our son be healthy!