Sunday, May 16, 2010

Autism stories: Hi! My name is Matty and I have Asperger's

Hi! My name is Matty and I am a kid and I sometimes feel like I can be a superhero saving the world one day or a racing car driver speeding on the track heading to the checkered flag on another day and somedays I just feel so bored I could cry. Is it that being a kid means we don't have real meaning in our life yet? I sometimes wonder what it is like to be a grownup. I see my mom and dad talking about paying bills and making sure I am eating right and doing my homework and taking my medicine and going to bed at an early hour. I see my dad hoping he has a job to go to tomorrow so he can still keep our house so I can have comfort and safety in my life. My mom and dad really love me and I know this because they tell me this everyday. It seems like life becomes more complicated as we get older.

Why then do I want to grow up? It seems like it is more fun being a kid and doing the fun things kids are supposed to do. I get to go to camp in the summer time and swim at the pool. I really enjoy riding my bike and reading fun stories. When I read stories I can be transported to other places and see different adventures one book at a time. I always enjoy reading books that have adventure stories. My favorite book series is the Magic Tree House Series by Mary Pope Osbourne. She writes very interesting stories about real and fictional events and she writes for kids like me and I really enjoy the stories very much.

When I need a break from doing my homework and reading my favorite adventure books I like to learn things on the computer. My mom and dad allow me time on the computer when I behave properly and I have finished my homework assignments. They make sure I am supervised if I explore on the internet. I enjoy music and watching videos and playing computer games. Sometimes I lose track of the time and can be on the computer for at least an hour and not even realize how fast it went by. I have also learned to create a facebook page and post my favorite Walt Disney videos so others can enjoy what I enjoy. I think Walt Disney is the greatest man in the whole wide world because he created my favorite character, Micky mouse and I love all his stories he made for the big screen. My parents have a collection of my favorite Walt Disney classics and I love watching them with mom and dad and my friends.

Now I must tell you something about myself that is hard for me to talk about but is definitely a major part of my life. My parents make me feel just like the other kids but they do explain to me that I have something that makes me special in a lot of ways and they explain that I should be proud of all my accomplishments. My mom and dad told me when I was old enough that when I was a baby my doctor told them that I had something that made it hard for me to express my feelings and speak the words. I also had trouble looking at people when I did start to speak. My parents told me I didn't begin to really speak until I was between 3 and 4 years old so they had teachers come to the house to help me and teach me words and read stories to me and play music so I could learn how to talk one day. My mom and dad told me that I have autism and on the spectrum it is called asperger's syndrome named after a doctor who worked with other kids who had it also. He was very knowledgeable and made famous studies about it so they named it after him in tribute of his contributions.

I always wondered why my brain sometimes doesn't work so good and why I am not always understanding things. It all has to do with my autism and I now understand. My mom and dad really try all they can to make me do my best and I am feeling much better but I do sometimes have difficulty and will get upset. I am trying to not get so upset and I have to take medicine that doesn't taste so good but it is supposed to help me. I am also affected by seizures and my parents really get scared sometimes because they tell me my body shakes so much and they always protect me so I don't get hurt. I am a lucky boy because I have parents that really love me and are helping me to get better. They say there really isn't a cure for autism so I just have to learn to live with it and work hard to talk and make friends and do good in school so one day I can grow up and do the things my parents hope and dream for me. They want me to go to college one day and study to be someone important in life like a teacher or an architect. If I could be a kid forever I would choose to be a kid but I know that is just my dream. Actually I believe I need to let people know that having autism isn't so bad and we all need to be treated with respect and given the same opportunities. We don't need to be cured. We need to be understood!

I am happy to be a kid and look forward to reading my next fun story. Today my dad brought me and grandma to see How to train your Dragon in 3D and we had so much fun. He even got me extra popcorn! What more can I ask for. Movies, popcorn and a day with my dad!

Well Goodbye for now!

Love Matty Iannielli

Edward D. Iannielli III

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