Sunday, June 27, 2010

A father's wish

I have been very interested in learning all I can about autism so I can help my son and provide him with the proper care and support he needs. I believe as a parent we are so involved in our child's life that we would do just about anything to make their life better. I have searched for meaning and answers as to the reasons my son has been affected by autism and I realize that it sometimes is not always as important to understand why he is autistic. The main issue I believe we face as parents of special needs children is assuring them that they will get the proper care throughout their childhood and that they will have a strong support system that will always be their basis for encouragement, advocacy and understanding. I sometimes have to have alone time so my son has his space and I can think of ways to do all I can to be a strong support system for him and to help guide and encourage him in life.

I have had my moments where I have been discouraged and felt all alone and wondered why our son had to have these challenges and then I think back to what my dad said about Matty which really made me realize his awesome potential. Although Matty has his challenges he is a wonderful child with an above average intelligence for his age and a kind compassionate way about himself. He makes me very happy when he is having a good day and I always pray that he will have many good days in his life and a life filled with wonderful happy times and many precious memories.

I always wish for my son to have the same opportunities as his classmates and that he is treated just like any other child and no different. I want my son to find special friends who he can relate to and I want him to be happy and to know that he is loved and thought about always. I want my son to feel confident and to know that he can do anything in life and that he has no limitations. I want him to know that he can dream and that he can aspire to be a doctor or a teacher or an engineer. He should always strive to be his very best and that is what I wish for my son. I wish he will have joy in his heart and never have fear. Our life is a mystery and it is also a precious gift that we should always appreciate and cherish and make the most of.

I wish to see my son accomplish great things and be there with him and my wife to see him graduate high school and to see him go on to college and to provide him with all the financial and moral support that he will ever need. I want my son to know that although there are challenges we face in life we can certainly rise above them and lead wonderful and happy lives and we also need to know how important it is to have the support of others in our life and that we should never feel alone.

I am very lucky to share my life with my wife and son and to have their love and support and I am equally lucky to be there to love and support them and I wish more than anything to see my son achieve all his hopes and dreams, to go to college, to find a rewarding career and to find someone special to share his life with. These are my hopes and wishes for our son who we love and care for and always feel privileged to have in our lives.

Matty, May you walk with confidence and achieve great things in your life because you are truly very special!


Mom and Dad

Edward D. Iannielli III

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