Sunday, October 6, 2013

Emily speaking on son's Autism

Matty as a young boy in the snow
Matty and me (Pre-Emily)
 My name is Emily and I am a father of an autistic son. I was born male and given the name Edward D Iannielli III which I was always proud of because my loving parents named me after my dad and grandfather. The sad reality though is I knew I was a "girl" since the age of 4 and it has been a lifetime struggle for me but I managed to do well in school, participate in sports and make some good friends. I never revealed my transgender struggles hiding it and keeping it bottled up which later I came to realize was extremely unhealthy. I learned to cope and go on to college to study Mechanical Engineering at Virginia Tech and later obtained an Accounting degree at Hofstra. I started working as an Engineer for several years then shifted gears and obtained my CPA license and started working as an accountant in public and private. I recently had an emotional breakdown for many reasons and am transitioning from male to female. I also married in 1997 and my wife gave birth to our son Matty in 1998 which was the best moment in our lives. Matty is very special to us as he has been diagnosed with Autism at age of 3 and with mental illness at age of 11. He is 14 now and we are trying to help our son get the proper schooling he deserves and now that I am out of work due to my crippling depression and suicide ideation which I have been hospitalized for and now am being treated for outpatient care at Beth Israel.

I attached a link that will express what life is like for Matty being autistic and struggling to fit in. My heart goes out for him and I am trying my best to advocate for my son and hopefully with the assistance of the school district find him a residential school where hopefully he will adapt to and thrive in with his studies, participation and socialization. He is entitled to an education up to age 21 due to his disability and we are going to do all we can to help him obtain one and hopefully see him improve and find something that will interest him and spark him to want to continue learning and growing. We love our son and want to do all we can for him. We always will and we always have. Matty is a very special young man and we love him and want to see him smile and find his happiness and make valuable friendships. Most of all we want him to accept and love himself. He deserve to just like I do. We all must accept ourselves for who we are and never let others hurt or make fun of us. We have to be strong, have courage and and be determined to follow through on all we need to; to ensure our happiness, dignity, honor and be our true selves. With loving dedication to my son, Matty and my wife who has stuck by the both of us. We are truly blessed. Love, Emily

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Songs for Autistic kids

Emily posing

Ed looking more like a "girl"

Matty and me, dad (Pre-Emily)

Emily looking cute
Emily's sentiments on her son's Autism and her transgender situation

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