Sunday, August 1, 2010

A dream, A hope, A wish, A prayer, A life and Autism

It is very important in our lives to dream as young children and to always be encouraged by our parents to reach for the stars in all that we do. When we are kids we are constantly evolving and growing and we are always learning and developing throughout our youth. The time in the life of a young child is very special and it should be filled with hope, optimism, encouragement, enthusiasm, wishful thinking and prayers to God for our child's good health, happiness and a life filled with promise, hope, dreams, vision and self confidence.

It is every parent's hope that their child is healthy and able to develop naturally and adapt to the typical changes that children encounter as they grow. We all are grateful for being blessed with a child in our life and we always want the best for them. If a child is born with autism or some form of disability it means that child will have some challenges ahead in their life but they should have the same dreams and hopes that every child needs to have in their life. My son is autistic and he has challenges that we are trying to help him deal with. At times it seems he will have his share of difficulties and periods of isolation. I only wish that he could realize when he struggles that he has the love and support of his mom and dad and he has many in his corner working to help him.

For many people Autism is not really understood and from outward appearance for the typical person raised in a typical community very difficult to assess. There are many autistic children who from first impression seem normal in ways so when they seem to react out in an inappropriate way to the dismay of others it seems they are defiant and unruly. This for most autistic kids is the furthest from the truth and  it seems the parents are thought of as not being able to discipline their children. The reality is that the parents will do anything to help their autistic child and they put so much time, effort and compassion into raising their special child so they can hopefully fit in and have lesser outbursts and meltdowns. It is not easy raising an autistic child and for most families it tests their very limits of patience and endurance and adds a great deal of stress and financial pressure on the family. It is very important to accept the situation and work together with family and all in the support network to help that autistic child find their way in the world.

To an autistic child the world can be a very scary and intimidating place and they would rather live in their little place that is safe and free from confrontation. Autistic children tend to have social difficulties and feel that they can not fit in unfortunately. It takes very committed family and professionals to help address these children with their thoughts and insecurities and help them through these social obstacles.

It is our dreams, hopes, wishes and prayers that help us through these challenging times and give us the insight and knowledge that will help us find the dedication we need to get our autistic child on the right path in their life so they can have the same chances and opportunities that all children deserve in their life.

The one thing I have learned about raising an autistic child is that my sense of life and purpose evolves around my son and everything I do or plan to do is for helping him become better and more self confident. Autistic children do tend to suffer from anxiety and have many challenges and it sometimes can be emotionally very trying in their life and the parent's as well. As a parent I strongly urge you to never give up on your child and to always show compassion and hold on to hope and provide love, support and encouragement. There is nothing like seeing an autistic child blossom and come into their own after realizing the struggles they encounter.

To see an autistic child smile and hear them acknowledge that they feel loved and accepted and to truly help them find something that challenges them and gives them self confidence is the best gift we can ever experience in our life as parents.

The many ups and downs we will encounter as parents raising our children is all worth it if we can set the standard for them so they will benefit and grow and become happy, well balanced, confident and caring young adults ready to take on life's challenges and have dreams, hopes, wishes and vision. I pray everyday for my son to have a wonderful life with Autism.

Dedicated to my son who inspires me everyday.

Edward D. Iannielli III


  1. Thank you for your interest in my writing and for your wonderful compliment. My son is my life and I will do everything I can for him as he is very special and is our gift.

  2. your son one lucky child. I wish all fathers would have the same outlook on life like you.

  3. I am the one who is lucky to have a son who grounds me and has inspired me from the very beginning. I have been blessed to have a wonderful wife and son in my life who mean everything to me. Thank you for your wonderful compliment and for your wonderful blog too. I believe we have to give all children whether they are autistic or suffer from another form of disability a voice to be heard with and to give them a vision of hope and optimism and a firm belief that they can succeed and dream and achieve great things in their life. Thank you so much!

  4. I would like to share this post on my blog or at least the link to it with your name and accolades of course. Because I think that your words are so very touching and should be shared with the world. Please comment on my blog at and let me know if this is okay with you. Your words can help to heal so many many people's hearts!

  5. i love you dad i would never hurt you. i love your story.

  6. I feel the same...I am Very Blessed to have a Beautiful wife and son with autism to share the rest of my life with.
    And like yourself I will do any and everything possible to help my son live a Long, Strong, Healthy, Happy, Blessed Life.
    GOD Bless,

  7. Lora, I hope that all children whether they are autistic or just need help and guidance will find their way. I thank you for your heartfelt comment and certainly am grateful that you wish to share this with others. I only hope it will help in some small way. We are all in this together and wish to help the children so they can rise above and live happy, healthy and productive lives. We owe it to them. Thank you.


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