Friday, February 19, 2010

Life Lessons: Balancing work and family

We live in a complicated and very technical time in our lives. We are literally surrounded with round the clock means of communication. We are dependent on cell phones, laptop computers, wifi internet access, e-mail, online networking sites, navigation systems, ipods for our music and portable storage devices for all our work related information. Our workplace has changed dramatically with all the technical advancements and ever changing company needs. As responsible employees we are dedicated to our work and we always try our best to please our employer and fellow coworkers utilizing our skills, knowledge and personality. As we grow in our role at work and take on more challenges and responsibilities we need to learn how to prioritize our assignments and meet company demands and follow company policies and procedures.

In meeting our responsibilities at work we also need to make time for our family and make sure we balance our commitments so we don't overlook that. Family time is very important and as our children grow it is very important that we spend time with them because time passes us by so quickly and we will never get that precious time back.
I am fortunate to be working at a company on the cutting edge of technology that is growing and expanding and has a very committed ownership that built the company from the ground up with hard work, dedication, their knowledge & skill set and most of all their entrepreneurial spirit. Ownership expects dedication and commitment from their employees and are very encouraging and supportive in their development.

I have met fellow coworkers travelling here from abroad and they are here for training and establishing new company procedures. I have become friends with some and realize their commitment as most are here for several months separated long distances from their families. I am working with one individual who is very dedicated and hard working and is a very responsible and caring person. He is married with a baby daughter and he showed me his family pictures. He is a real family man and a very committed employee. I am fortunate to get to meet him and his fellow coworkers from abroad. It gives you an interesting perspective when you see their commitment and dedication to their work knowing they are apart from their families.

I am a new hire and I am learning and working on contributing and becoming an integral part of their accounting and financial team. As a growing company needs direction and a firm commitment and dedication from their employees they also rely on a team oriented approach and a constant flow of communication. Making necessary change does not happen over night but it is essential that a clear and uniform approach is taken and an understanding of the ownership's vision is essential in making decisions. We face many challenges in our lives and in our work and in raising our family and it is important that we learn how to address them and meet them face on and with confidence and a well thought out plan.

We all are seeking to do right by others and to show our respect and honor our commitment and dedication to our work, our employer and most of all our families. It is our children that inspire us and give us the incentive and drive to carry on. We live for our children and they give us pure joy and the reason to face another day with happiness and enthusiasm.

I do it all for you Matthew because I love you and your mommy very much!

Edward D. Iannielli III

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