Sunday, February 7, 2010

Life Lessons: Starting over, new job, new people

We all have to experience a new day on the job in our life maybe a dozen or more times and no matter how long we have been working we still have those butter flies and are filled with nervous anticipation. As we grow and mature and become more professional we should be able to ease in and get adjusted to the new situation sooner and start to learn our responsibilities and role and move forward. With each new job we take we are always striving for challenges and to perform at our absolute best. Work is a necessity because it is our means for progressing in our career and matching our talents and abilities to an employer's needs and a means for making a living so we can provide for our family.

I am very eager to perform and do all that is expected of me and I always approach the work day with the same enthusiasm and commitment as I have since I started in the work force. There are those moments of awkwardness when you first start a new job but once you learn the job and what is expected then it is a matter of time in settling in and learning and progressing. It is very important to communicate effectively and at all times when it is necessary. You should never spin your wheels and never be afraid to ask questions. You just need to absorb things as quickly as you can so you don't ask the same questions.

I find that when I learn a new position or role in a new organization and take on responsibility I feel a sense of belonging and that is what I wish for. I wish to maintain professionalism, respect, a serious approach to my position, a dedicated work ethic and a personable way in dealing with co-worker's, management, the employer and clients. I am very appreciative of the opportunity given me and all the efforts of others in helping me to obtain this new position.

I have learned in life that we should always be optimistic and to always work with a dedication and firm commitment. I have been here for a week and have already found the people here to be wonderful and very kind. I can also see that the owners run their business with pride and respect and with a team approach. I also see that they encourage their employees to be dedicated through their hard work and also encourage a camaraderie among each other by planning outings together. I find this to be a great idea and I look forward to participating in these social functions because it makes a difference and encourages us to enjoy working with one another and also to enjoy social opportunities such as tennis, picnics, bowling or movies.

I look upon my life after college and all the opportunities I have enjoyed through the years and I find this is an opportunity I welcome and am very happy because it is in an environment that is engineering related and the position requires a considerable amount of planning and organization in the financial side. I will be working with accountants and engineers and am at home since my education was in both mechanical engineering and accounting and my favorite subjects in school were calculus, physics, intermediate accounting and cost accounting.

I look forward to a long term opportunity and will put forth my best effort and work with all parties in working towards management and ownership's goals. These are important things we learn in life that I will sit down with my son to talk about some day. He is young now but one day he will take on a job and I need to guide him and help him and try my best to provide insight to him so he will know what the working world is like.

Edward D. Iannielli III

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