Thursday, February 11, 2010

Life Lessons: Listening closely to the words in song and feeling inspired

I have always enjoyed the lure of music and listening to a song and feeling at peace deriving pleasure from listening and relating to the message. I have always admired the music artist and have found myself seeking songs that have strong meanings and a nice sound. The music I listen to gives me a release from the daily routine and it makes me feel good. There is something very powerful to music when you can find a song you love so much that you can listen to it over and over again and never tire of it. I have been comforted during the years by listening to a portable cd player at night by my bedside. If I had my music to listen to at night it would make me feel more at peace and help me sleep better. I remember I would always have anxiety the night before a big race or major exam during my high school days as a cross country runner and student. The only way I could help myself take the edge off was to play a music cd that would allow me not to worry and to drift off to sleep as the songs played on shuffle through out the night. I listened to all types of music and my favorite artists I'd like to listen to at night were Elvis Presley, Don McClean, The Beatles, The Bangles, Abba, Badfinger, The Beach boys, The Cars, Billy Joel, Cyndi Lauper, Shania Twain, REM, Meatloaf, The Association, John Denver, Lonestar, Journey, Boston, Chicago, REO Speedwagon, Harry Chapin, Amy Grant, James, Matthew Sweet, Fleetwood Mac, The Jackson 5, Michael Jackson, Nirvana, Green Day, Peter Paul & Mary, The Seekers and so many others.

I have cried tears listening to some songs because of the emotional effect it has on me. One such song is by Lonestar titled, "I'm already There" which has such a powerful message that I can certainly relate to it when I was away from home on a work assignment. I always felt happy when I spoke to my wife and son on the phone when I was travelling as it eased the loneliness I felt and the yearning to be home with family. The song is very touching because it is written from the point of view of the husband and father talking to his wife and son and telling them not to worry and that he is with them even when he is away and he comforts them with such a beautiful message. Lonestar really said it so beautifully in lyrics and song which I admire and enjoy listening to.

Another song I enjoy listening to and find is very inspiring is by Lee Greenwood titled "God Bless the USA". I listened to this song many times in the wake of the September 11th tragedy and it too has made me cry and also feel proud. I have a tremendous amount of respect for our service men serving our country and putting their lives in danger to protect our freedoms and I pray for their safety.

As a young kid growing up I had many fond memories of music artists like Elvis Presley, The Mamas and the Papas, The Doors, Three Dog Night, Andrew Gold, John Denver, Peter, Paul and Mary and Pat Benatar. They influenced me and their music was so enjoyable to listen to. I remember when I first heard Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie by Don McClean I was blown away by the sheer beauty and powerful message. This song was one I could listen to over and over again and if I heard it on my car radio I would crank it up. It was one of the longest songs I ever heard. I know the song was written in tribute to the musicians we lost in a plane crash who were all so talented and their lives cut down in their youth. They were Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and The Big Bopper and it was a very sad and tragic loss of such wonderfully talented musicians.

A song I related to as a young boy was Andrew Gold's Lonely boy which I loved to listen to and thought was such a great song. Another song that left an impression on me was the song by the Hollies titled "He ain't heavy, he's my brother. I can relate times in my life to songs I remember. It is amazing how much we are influenced by music and I think music is the window to your soul and when you find something that you relate to and touches you It becomes part of you. I loved listening to John Denver as a young kid and one of my favorite songs was Take Me Home Country Roads which I would listen to quite regularly. I found comfort in music and it helped me with my isolation and shyness. With music I could instantly be in a peaceful place listening to artists I've grown to admire and listen to and I would have a nice feeling of peace and happiness that allows us to come out of our shell and express ourselves a little easier.

In raising an autistic son I have grown to realize the importance of music and how it helps my son and I both together. It is a special thing to see an autistic child who is not much for speaking all of a sudden become animated and happy when they sing a song they like. I have seen my son blossom with singing with my wife's and my encouragement and it truly brings a smile to the both of us because our son is breaking barriers and displaying a wonderful talent and it fills our hearts with joy and our minds with hope.

I am deeply affected by autism and I created a page on facebook called Autism Insight where all my blog writings and videos that I have searched for on youtube that I feel can explain what autism is and provide hope are posted. Since I am very committed to the cause and I love music I have searched for songs that explain Autism and I was deeply moved and touched by a wonderful song written and performed by Jayne Nelsen, who is a wonderful person and has the voice of an angel and 2 beautiful girls. The song which has inspired me and touched me is titled "On that day" and I have listened to it and watched the video many times and it gives me hope and strength and a feeling of peace. Her music is beautiful and so very heartfelt and I can relate to it and am very fortunate I have come upon it. I always enjoy learning of new artists and listening to their music. She is on my list of favorite musicians and I am looking forward to purchasing her cd so I can listen to this wonderful song over and over as it inspires me and makes me stronger.

Thank you Jayne for your music, your message and your friendship.

Thank you Matthew and Maria for making my life so happy and for teaching me so much.

With heartfelt love,

Edward D. Iannielli III

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