Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Life Lessons: A change of season

Sometimes change is good. After a long cold and snowy winter season it is now a pleasure looking forward to the warmer spring time weather. As a kid I always enjoyed the different seasons and felt it was nice to experience all four of them. I enjoy telling my son about my childhood memories and what it was like to experience winter going to Long Island's Jones Beach with my family when I was 7-8 years old. My fondest memory of that time was being there all together with my mom and dad and my 2 sisters. We would stop for hot chocolate and hang out near the shore. It was very peaceful and quiet and it felt nice to walk along the beach having it all to ourself. I also remember the hot days of summer when we would swim at the beach at Riis park in Queens. These memories are precious to me and I remember them as if they were yesterday.

I also have fond memories of our son when he was a baby and Maria and I and her mom would drive out to Montauk Point in the fall and go by the shore and walk around. We enjoyed seeing Matthew attempt walking by the shore and I remember how he would cry when the water would come up to his feet. As he got older he would come to love the water and it would be hard to get him out of the water then. It seems we measure time by the change of seasons and it is a big part of our childhood memories.

Life is very precious and we all like to experience things together and when you have family it makes everything seem special and truly a wonderful gift. I always enjoy spending the days with my family both when I was a kid as I think back to those special days and now as an adult with my own family. The joy of seeing your child running into your arms and saying "daddy" with a great big smile is the most wonderful experience I can ever know. It warms my heart and makes me realize how special life is and why we must always find happiness and joy to share with our children.

My favorite season is the springtime because it is always nice to see the flowers in bloom and the pretty girls in their cute outfits. It is a nice time to spend outdoors when spring arrives as the warmer weather is now upon us and the daylight lasts longer and it is great to spend the day with my son. I also enjoy taking my son out to a baseball game during the spring and summer months and bonding with him.

As a kid we all look forward to the spring and summertime because we know that the school year is near an end and when summer break comes we are able to enjoy the beach and the pool and we get a break from doing home work for a couple of months. I know Matthew enjoys having some time off from school and loves going to summer camp.

It seems that the year goes by so fast and when you look at it from the perspective of the 4 seasons it seems the winter lasts a long time and we can't wait for the warmer weather. It is nice to experience each season and though we favor one season over another it is still great to have the changes. The snow in winter is fun for the kids and I enjoy it too. The sunny warm weather of the summer is nice because it is always fun to spend time in the water to cool off.

I wish one day to see my son speak of his fond memories of childhood with his family and talking to his children of the times he remembers as a kid playing in the snow in the winter and swimming at the beach in the summer and just reliving the years and talking about the change in seasons to the delight of his children seeing them smile and listening intently.

Edward D. Iannielli III

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