Thursday, July 9, 2009

First time meeting with Matthew's pediatrician.

It was just 24 hours earlier when we were still awaiting our son's birth and I felt such happiness and relief tonight after spending the day with my wife and new born son. It was a very long day and we had the opportunity of sharing our joy with some of our family and friends and were anticipating visits from other family members and Matthew's pediatrician tomorrow. I wanted to get some rest tonight so I could get an early start and spend the day with Maria and Matthew and knew Maria needed a good night sleep as well as our little baby. As soon as I lay my head on the pillow I drifted off to sleep dreaming of what a truly special day today was and just feeling so blessed. I was looking forward to meeting with Matthew's pediatrician and hoping both my wife and son are doing well. Now that I was alone I liked to play my music as I drift off for the night. Before I knew it the sun was rising and a new day beginning with my schedule altered as normally I'm preparing for a work day but today all I could think of was both my wife and son and looking forward to spending the full day at the hospital with them. My sister Joannie called me this morning to wish us both congratulations and said she would be up later in the day and could not wait to see Matthew. I was happy to hear from her and told her that we looked forward to seeing her. It is now time for me to head over to the hospital as we were expecting to see the doctor around 10:00 am. I managed to stop for a quick breakfast at Mc Donalds on the way and just felt great about things and also enjoyed the fact that I wasn't running on a train schedule or work schedule today or for the balance of the week. I had several questions I wrote down on a sheet of paper on things we need to know about in the immediate days following our son's birth and what we should look for and when we need to start with immunizations and have the circumcision and the next appointment we will need to make. Now that we have a little baby I feel we need to make sure we are properly informed as new parents and doing everything we need to. It was 9:50 am as I was pulling into the hospital parking lot at Mercy hospital. I walked up to the reception desk and told the lady my name and who I was visiting and I headed for the hallway leading to the elevator to maternity and rang the bell. I walked in to my wife's room and saw her finishing her breakfast and we were waiting on the pediatrician who was set to meet with Matthew to monitor his vital signs and with us afterwards. I asked my wife how she felt and if she was able to hold Matthew and she said she was with him early in the morning and was feeling good as she slept the night as did he. It was 10:15 am and Dr. Angela Aiello introduced herself and told us what a beautiful little baby boy we have and she had just come from seeing him and indicated he is doing fine and will have a visit in her office in a week and to call her if he is running a fever or if we have any concerns. I asked her the questions I wrote down and she smiled and said this is your first and we smiled and said yes. She said congratulations and said she looked forward to seeing us and Matthew of course and indicated that the circumcision would be performed at the hospital and he would be administered vaccinations on a schedule. She left us her card and said we can call her office anytime and we thanked her and walked over to see our baby. I told Maria that my sister Joannie would be up to visit later in the day and that I would spend the whole day with them both. I was so glad to have time off from work and being a new father and spending these days with my family. This is what life is all about as I finally saw my son up and active. He is so cute and I was so proud to see his name posted on his bassinet. That's my boy! I exclaimed to other new parents, my wife, family and friends. I saw Joannie later that day and proudly introduced my son to her and hugged her and told her I am so glad to be a dad! My sister gave Maria a hug and congratulated her. She certainly knows what it's like to be a mother as she has 4 kids and my sister Kathy also has 3 kids and they both are happy for Maria and I and dad too of course. Life is good!

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