Saturday, July 4, 2009

We are greeted by our son for first time!

Matthew was born on Tuesday, December 8th 1998 at 5:20 am after a long night for my wife and I. She weathered it perfectly and she was worn out after going the whole night. We were so delighted to see our precious son and hear him cry for the first time. I was awestruck when I saw him being delivered and hearing all the medical staff instructing my wife and then seeing him right before my very eyes being cradled and put into a blanket by one of the nurses. It was truly a miracle! In all my thoughts about this day I could never truly understand what it is like because I never lived it before. To see a little life born and knowing that little baby is yours and is completely dependent upon you is such a tremendous feeling of responsibility, love, excitement, nervousness, and hope! My wife and I were so incredibly blessed that day and we felt such joy and happiness and looked forward to sharing our good fortune with our family and friends. This day was forever frozen in time in my mind and will be my proudest moment! After Matthew was delivered and the nurse assigned to our son gave him to Maria to hold I knew now what family means. I drifted back to the days when I was a kid and I remembered vividly my mom and dad and how blessed we were, my 2 sisters and I to have such wonderful parents. I knew I learned a lot from them both and now I came back to this moment and realized how lucky I am to be a father and I knew my life would be forever changed in such a beautiful way. I was always looking forward to this day and now could appreciate all the wonderful things our parents did for us. It was time for Matthew to be washed by the nurse and for my wife to be given time to rest after her delivery. I was instructed to follow the nurse who was to give Matthew his first cleaning. She instructed me to watch from the plexiglass barrier as she showered his little tiny feet and washed his tiny legs, arms, hands and body. I was so amazed how beautiful and tiny he was and how the nurse cared for him so delicately and with such tenderness and love. The joy of a baby is so wonderful and so powerful. I was on cloud nine! After Matthew was bathed by the nurse she wrapped him and dressed him and placed his first diaper on. She gently placed him in a little baby bassinet and put a baby blanket on him. He had a tough day as well and needed a rest too! The nurse congratulated me and told me to go home for a few hours and rest as it was a long night and I could come back in the afternoon to see my wife and son. I thanked her and off I went. The first person I called to share the great news was my Dad who had always been there for me and was my role model and hero. I was so excited to share the news with him and asked him to call Kathy and Joannie, my 2 sisters. He was so happy to hear everything was ok and congratulated my wife and I and said he would be up to visit. I was tired but felt so euphoric and proud. I wanted this day to last forever! Our son Matthew was born today and it is our most happiest day!

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  1. Dad,

    You make me cry when you say my real birthday. It kind of breaks my heart and make tears in my face. Please respect me and say March 8, 1999. You have a nice story there.

    Matty Iannielli the 1999 head born March 8


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