Sunday, July 5, 2009

Matthew's first day!

I was so elated after seeing the birth of our son and was so happy for my wife that she became a mother and I just wanted to cherish this moment and just hold it near to my heart. After speaking with my Dad I felt so happy and looked at life in a different way now that I became a dad too. I remember the nurse who gave my son his first cleansing and how nice she was to me and how she put my mind at ease knowing I was leaving him in good hands. She was very kind to tell me to go home to rest as I was up the entire night and was very tired. I knew my wife and son needed rest too. As I left the hospital I felt the chill in the air as the winter season was approaching and I was glad to be in the warm car heading home for some much needed rest. I had my cd in the car and I remember listening to Christmas music from Transiberian Orchestra which was so powerful and emotional. I remember getting into the music especially the tracks "Christmas Eve/Sarajevo" and "An angel came down" among many others and I was thinking of my wife and new born son as I'm listening to this really beautiful music. It was wonderful and I was just full of emotion remembering tears of joy streaming down my face. I knew my Christmas present was delivered early this year and it was truly a special day! My drive home did not take very long and it was nice listening to my music. As I arrived home I was greeted by my Dad who was so happy for us and told me to get some sleep. I decided to take a quick shower which was refreshing and then I placed a call to our son's pediatrician to inform her of Matthew's birth and arrange for her to visit him at the hospital. She was delighted and planned to be up on Wednesday. I watched a little television as I lay in bed to sleep for a while.
I remember thinking to my self what a special day today was and how I could not wait to get back to see my wife and son and see our family and friends at this most joyous time.
Finally I lay in bed feeling very tired and just so happy and I drifted off to sleep thinking of my wonderful family. I remember being so grateful and just dreaming of this truly special time in my life and looking forward to being with my family.

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  1. Dad,

    Very nice story. But remember not to call me a December 8 head or a 1998 head because that makes me cry and my emotions feel hurt if you say that. Nice writing though.

    Matty Iannielli 1999


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