Sunday, July 12, 2009

Home with our baby boy.

We are a family now and our baby is now safe at home and we had made arrangements to have a baby photographer come to the house to take pictures of our son to capture his life in pictures as a little baby. Maria started a baby album and placed the hospital pictures taken by the hospital photographer and the sonogram pictures inside along with her and Matthew's hospital band. In the initial days of having a baby it does take a little getting used to yet it is a very happy time and a time sometimes filled with nervousness and learning as we are trying as best we can to be in tune with our baby's needs. It seems easy enough as we have learned pretty quickly that when he is hungry he will cry. When he is in need of a change of diaper he will cry. When he is uncomfortable he will cry. So we have to figure out what exactly he is crying about which we can figure out pretty quickly. I remember when we were planning on having a family I had gone to the bookstore at the mall on several occasions to buy books for an expecting mother and new parents and the Dr. Benjamin Spock book on baby and child care. I wanted to be able to help my wife as much as I could always knowing that sometimes she needed a brake as she naturally was with him more as she was nursing him as it was suggested by her doctor and the pediatrician. As a new father when I was not holding my son I took great joy in watching him in his crib sleeping so peacefully. It was very comforting knowing he was peaceful and resting. We would play a baby lullaby "All the pretty little ponies" to help him sleep at night sung by Kenny Loggins which brings back such wonderful memories. I remember thinking to myself as I saw him sleeping if he was aware of us and his new home and his surroundings. After all he was comforted inside his mother's womb for nine months with all of his needs satisfied and all of a sudden he is thrust into our world which is a much different place but filled with love and all the nurturing and support we can give him. I remember his first photo session with the baby photographer who was nice to come to the house to take some really beautiful pictures of our little baby. I was enjoying watching him with the help of Maria posing him and dressing him in such cute baby outfits. The pictures are priceless as they capture him in delightful ways with his little sailor outfit and his little baseball outfit and his picture with his little teddy bear and the picture of his thinking pose. I learned how much patience a baby photographer must have to capture such wonderful pictures in between the crying tantrums. It is truly a wonderful time having a wonderful family and so very special to be given such a precious gift of a tiny baby who brings such joy and happiness to my very existence. I am so proud of our little baby boy and will always be there for both my wife and son. They mean the world to me and I need to provide and protect. As I watch over my son with our favorite lullaby playing and seeing him drift off to sleep I can't help but feel such joy in my heart.

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