Friday, November 6, 2009

Growing up and accepting responsibility!

As we become adults we find ourselves taking on more responsibilities and challenges and we try to enrich our lives by fulfilling our personal dreams and goals. When we finish our formal education we then utilize our skills we obtained from our college days to launch our career and set out to make a living. Once we realize that it takes a real effort to find work we then take it very seriously and try to find the strength and courage we need to be competitive and land that all important job that gets our career off and running. We all are learning to adapt to life and work and responsibility. It takes some adjusting and we now have to learn to be reliable, dependable and to learn to work to meet our employer's expectations and satisfy our client's needs. We also have to get used to the working schedule and to appreciate our 2 week vacations because that is always something to look forward to during a busy working schedule.

Once we have adjusted to the demands of work we then set out to meet someone to share our life and experiences with and someone we can talk to and who will listen and be there for us. We have to work at that also as it is hard to establish relationships and if you are lucky enough to find someone who you have feelings for and the feelings are mutual then you will find life becomes more meaningful and if you are fortunate to embark on a life together then you start making plans for marriage, house and family all while you're trying to advance in your career.

You have to learn how to take on the many challenges of life and strive to do your best and once you commit yourself to your job and also to that special person you then realize you are no longer the kid who would go to their mom and dad seeking advice. You are now on your own and have to make smart choices and be responsible with your choices and use proper judgement in deciding what is best.

Once I met my wife to be I knew I wanted to marry and have children and had looked forward to the day I would become a dad. It is a very special moment and one that fills you with immense joy. It is also a time of learning to become responsible for others and especially for our baby who represents the strong bond between my wife and I and our love for each other and for our little one. Learning to be responsible and taking things in stride is a sign of maturing and growing and becoming the person we're meant to be. Life is always a learning process and we are all doing our best to achieve success, stability, happiness, companionship and to have a family. This is what we live for and if we are lucky to accomplish all of this then we can say we truly did what we had hoped. My biggest joy in life is seeing my son having fun and being happy. Sure I want my son to mature and grow and to achieve success in his life and I want to be there with my wife to see him every step of the way as this means everything to me and I will always be proud of my son and will offer my very best for him because I love him and so does his mommy.

Matthew is a special young boy who is all boy and also sensitive and enjoys doing things that bring him happiness. He likes to write in his journal and enjoys when he can speak his mind and express things important to him. He can be very expressive in his writings and he enjoys relating his experiences and some of the ideas he has in his mind as he finds writing for self expression easier than any other form of communication because he can be alone with his thoughts and then can freely express it in his recent writings. Our son also is growing up and is adjusting but we notice that he needs constant reinforcement to complete what is expected of him. One thing I learned as a new parent is that we must always listen and have Matthew freely express how he is feeling. We live for our children and hope they can achieve great things in their lifetime and hope they can find true happiness and a "yes I can" attitude that I tried to live by during my years in high school and college.

Edward D. Iannielli III

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