Thursday, November 12, 2009

Life's Uncertainties.

If we are lucky enough we will be born, we will live, we will pay taxes, we will marry, we will have family, we will derive great joy from our children and we will work to make a good living to provide for our family and fulfill our ambitions in our career and know that we have always put forth our best effort. As part of living there is also dying and we all know we will die too. The hardest part of living is knowing that one day we will die. We all heard it before that the only certainties in life is that we will pay taxes and we will die. The hardest thing to get accustomed to in life is learning to live with uncertainty. We face uncertainty every day but we try not to think about it and we live our lives each day to do the best we can and to share each waking day with our family who are what give us strength and courage. It is our children that give us great joy and we live our lives to provide our children with all the comforts and pleasures they deserve in their lives.

We are all connected and identify ourselves through the bonds we establish with our parents, our siblings, our spouse, our children, our family relatives, our friends, our employers, our co-workers and all who come into our lives. We are privileged to live and be given this wonderful opportunity and we try to make the most of it because it is our one and only chance and we know that we are not sure for how long we will have this opportunity so we try to appreciate each and every day and learn to appreciate all who are part of our lives. We learn through our relationships and our experiences. Life is a wonderful gift and when we realize this we somehow learn to accept ourselves and to deal with the uncertainties a little better.

Growing up I saw in my own parents lives that their love for my 2 sisters and I was what kept them happy and striving for their best. They had their struggles and worries but they always managed to make our lives secure and happy even though they were feeling insecure and had their share of worries. They shielded us from this and they protected us and gave us all we would ever need and they surrounded us with their love, support and devotion. They respected us as individuals and allowed us to live our lives with feelings of happiness and feeling secure in an insecure environment. I am truly amazed about this looking back in retrospect and it makes me realize how special and loving my parents truly were. We became better as understanding and compassionate individuals, my sisters and I because of our parents strength, courage and love.

With this knowledge I try to apply it to my own family life and I wish to be the strong and devoted husband and father to my wife and son. It is them who now give me strength and courage in my own life. I am truly blessed to have them in my life and feel it is a wonderful gift to have a loving and supportive family. I am inspired to do everything I can for my wife and son and my loving mother-in-law because these are the people in my life who mean so much to me and they understand me and love me and I love them. It is a wonderful feeling to be loved and understood and it is this that makes us better people.

No one knows the mysteries surrounding our existence and the lives we live. Sometimes I look at life as an incredible journey that gives us the opportunity to experience and feel and do all we can and to share a part of ourselves to make the world we live in a better place. I truly believe we touch people in our lives and we are touched by others as well and we learn and become better for it. There is no guaranties in life and we can be here today and gone tomorrow so it is very important that we make the most of each day we are here and treat it as if it is our last one because we know the uncertainty of life.

I will always be there to shield my son from the harshness and the sad realities of life and I rely on the support and love of my wife to meet life's challenges and the trials and tribulations we encounter along the way. We know how important it is to be there for our children and must always realize that we need to teach them so they too can go into the world and create a fulfilling life for themselves. It is our mission to give this precious gift of love and caring to our children and assure them that they can dream and wish for all they desire in their own lives.

The hardest reality in life is facing our own mortality and making sure our family is safe and protected. We know that we have to always be concerned for this and to also express our love for each other everyday and make sure we tell each other how much we love them because it is very important to tell the ones you love that they are special and your love for them is certain even though the circumstances of life are uncertain. I will always live my life with the hope of seeing my family yet another day because I love them so very much and my life is far richer with them being part of it. I am truly blessed and feel an incredible joy in my heart. As Lou Gehrig once said "I am the luckiest man on the face of the earth."

Edward D. Iannielli III

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