Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Life lessons

As we enter the world we are completely dependent on our parents and our very survival depends on it. Our instincts tell us when we are hungry, when we need to be changed and when we need our sleep. To convey these needs to our parents we were born with the ability to cry to get the attention we need. This is the start of the learning process as we are both learning in the days, weeks, months and years following our birth. Our parents learn how to care for us by our interaction with them and we learn how to communicate to them to get their attention. There is something very special about the bond established between a mother and her baby. Women are truly special in how they provide care for their baby and they are always very aware of their baby's needs and are very sensitive to them and they give all of themselves to caring for them. It all starts when a woman conceives and for the next nine months a woman goes through so many emotions and feelings as she carries her precious baby inside her body making sure everything goes right. It truly is a miracle the whole process and women are so courageous and so beautiful when they are going through their pregnancy.

I remember when Matthew was born and how excited and grateful I was to be given this wonderful opportunity of fatherhood. I realized when our son was born and the nurse gently placed him in my wife's arms our lives were incredibly changed for the better and I was now realizing the tremendous responsibility I had ahead of me which I gladly accepted and I was so proud of my little boy. Our son's birth is the highlight of our lives and we are richer for having him in our lives.

I remember as I think back to my childhood how much my parents did for my sisters and I when we were young and how much they loved us. They always made personal sacrifices so that we would be provided for and so we would only know safety and comfort. They made us always feel protected. I learned a lot from my parents and I wish to share the same things I learned as a kid with my son. I call the most important things we should make a part of our everyday life, Life lessons and by following these ideals we will find our lives to be more fulfilling and our interactions with others more beneficial.

When I think of my son and how much we love him and wish to help him I will make it imperative that we coach him well with these Life lessons which I will list out and incorporate into our daily lives and they are as follows:

Life Lessons:

1)Make it a point to smile every day.
2)Love and respect your parents.
3)Love and respect yourself.
4)Respect your teachers.
5)Find the joy and goodness in every little thing.
6)Enjoy your school days and always strive to do your best.
7)Learn to listen well and always listen intently before you act.
8)Make it a point to read a book every chance you get.
9)Do your homework first thing before you play.
10)Always remain cool,calm and collected no matter what. (wisdom from my dad)
11)Bloom where you are planted. (wisdom from my dad)
12)Learn to go to bed early and to awake early.
13)Learn to appreciate everything and never take anything for granted.
14)Always learn to share with others.
15)Never be afraid to express yourself.
16)Always stay true to yourself.
17)Learn to take on challenges.
18)When things get difficult always take heart and never give up.
19)Learn to find things to do that make you happy and are suitable to your personality.
20)Always cherish the memories of your parents and your loved ones who have passed.
21)Always look at the positive side of things.
22)There will be times when you are feeling down and in need of help. Never refuse such help.
23)Always make yourself available to care for others.
24)Always remember proper hygiene.
25)Learn to forgive and always show compassion and understanding.
26)Learn to reach out and make friendships.
27)Learn to appreciate music and try to develop an interest in playing an instrument.
28)Learn to speak a second language.
29)Learn to compliment others.
30)Learn to appreciate math and science.
31)Always learn to follow the rules and always be safety conscious.
32)Learn to be responsible with your money.
33)Never refuse to help someone in need.
34)Always be polite.
35)Learn to appreciate art and try to develop the skill of drawing for it is a beautiful thing.
36)Learn to always treat everyone fairly and try never to play favorites.
37)Learn to find a sport you like and try your best to excel in it.
38)Learn always to be prepared.
39)Always put forth your best effort.
40)Learn to respect your employer.
41)Always try to develop an entrepreneurial spirit.
42)Learn to have faith in God and turn to him for strength and encouragement.
43)Learn to get in touch with nature.
44)When the time is right never be afraid to ask that special girl to be your bride.
45)Always learn to communicate with others.
46)Always make it a point to be honest and have integrity in everything you do.
47)Never allow yourself to be taken advantage of.
48)When the time is right and you and your spouse have talked it over always take it very seriously when planning a family.
49)Always be responsible for your actions.
50)Learn to live your life one day at a time.
51)Never learn hate and prejudice.
52)Learn to spend time with the ones you love.
53)Treasure your friendships.
54)Learn to say thank you.
55)Learn to always be productive and make your life purposeful.
56)Learn to have patience.
57)Learn first aid so you can assist someone in distress.
58)Teach your child how to ride a bicycle.
59)Learn to always be there for your spouse and children.
60)Learn to believe in yourself.
61)Never let your disabilities diminish your spirit.
62)Build upon your strengths and improve upon your weaknesses.
63)Always maintain a good healthy attitude.
64)Never be afraid to dream.
65)Treat everyday as if it is your last.

In establishing a bond with my son and my family these are some of the things I feel are important and worthy of discussion with my son. I wish to teach him and provide him the knowledge he needs to go forth into the world to live his life and be the best he can.

Edward D. Iannielli III

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