Monday, January 11, 2010

My son and music

Ever since Maria was pregnant with Matthew she used to play soft music to help calm her and the baby. It was the start to a lifelong interest in music as Matthew has such an affinity for it. I truly believe that music does act as a calming influence and it soothes us and helps us focus and also provides us entertainment. When we are babies we just like the sense of it and the sound and vibration. It seems to help us sleep and it helps to calm us when we are crying. Matthew would sleep to lullaby music and it was nice to watch him gently fall asleep to the beautiful sounding lullabies. He would coo at night and after a while he would drift off to sleep with the music playing alongside his crib. It was a wonderful thing to see our son sleep so peacefully.

As Matthew grew his love of music did too and he would love to create play lists as soon as he learned how to use the computer. His favorite artist of all time is Elvis Presley and he would create a whole play list page just for his music and he titled this play list "Elvis the One and Only and his Greatest Hits. He would spend hours compiling his music and making a very enjoyable music list choosing his popular hits. He would play his favorite songs and this would bring a smile to his face and to our faces as well.

Matthew also enjoys singing karaoke with Maria and grandma and Maria's girl friends. They enjoy sharing the mike and singing their favorite songs. When Matthew is up to it he really shines when he sings. It is really fun to watch him come out of himself and sing when he wishes to. He does very well and he sings on key and is very mature. We always enjoy to see him let loose and have a good time. This is a great way for him to express himself and we encourage him to do his best. We have captured him on video when he is singing his best and it is fun to watch him and to share his singing abilities with family and friends. He still has a hard time with compliments but he realizes if he does a good thing he should be commended for it.

We also bought Matthew a Yamaha keyboard which he likes to play from his music book learning the keys and listening to the composition. He learns a little bit at a time and we do not force it on him but we certainly welcome his interest and curiosity. I have found music to be a fun and enjoyable experience as I listen to all kinds of music and am partial to the 60s and 70s. I like the current music scene as well as trendsetter groups like Nirvana that started the whole grunge music scene.

The fun thing about music is when you learn of a group and you become a fan of their music after listening to them on the radio and then on a cd. Matthew learned of Trans-Siberian Orchestra through me as I was a fan ever since Matthew was born and I had the privilege of taking Matthew to see them live in concert 2 years in a row. We are big fans of their music and now look forward to seeing them every year.

Matthew is in school and will have the opportunity of learning an instrument or singing in the choir. We wish him to develop an interest in an area of music in school and develop a skill and learn how to perform in the presence of others. It is a good experience and can lead to opportunities and friendships. We will always encourage Matthew to sing and to listen to his favorite artists as music is a joy and a wonder and it helps us in our everyday lives and it is enjoyable and we can learn a lot from music.

My advice to you Matthew is to sing with your best effort and never be afraid. Sing for your own pleasure and enjoyment and let your talents guide you. You really do have a tremendous ability and we just love to see you sing and smile. It warms our hearts, We love you Matthew.

Mommy and Daddy

Edward D. Iannielli III

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