Saturday, January 9, 2010

Maria's Birthday

It seems to me the years are flying by and I am just feeling like I want to slow things down a bit as I am starting to realize how we all are affected by the many changes we face as time moves on. We have our good days and sometimes days we wished we never had to face. Today is a good day as it is Maria's special day. She is one of 5 surviving siblings and is the next youngest. She has 3 sisters and a brother. She had a brother she never met as he died as a child of an illness before she was born. Most of her family still live in the Philippines and she has her mother here who stays with us and a sister who lives further east on long island with her family.

Maria was born January 9, 1970 in the Philippines and she grew up there for most of her early life. She decided to come to the United States after her sister came here. She first came here in 1994 and stayed with her sister and her family when they were living in Bayside. She also worked as a live in nanny for a diplomat and his family in Queens and a live in house keeper for an elderly wealthy couple in Sands Point.

Birthdays are reminders of our birth which is a very special day as it reminds us of where we came from and how special our moms are for giving us life. It is a happy time and we enjoy the attention and the good wishes though we are sad that we all have to get old. As the years go by we just try to have a good attitude about it and appreciate the fact that we are still here and doing well. Life is precious and every year we celebrate our birth it is a gift and we should always be grateful for some are not as lucky for reasons we are not sure of.

Celebrating your birthday is always special when you are surrounded by family and friends. It is a time to share and a time to reflect. We try to bridge the gap between our youth and our adulthood and as we get older we try to think of our younger days and work on trying to look and feel young as we start to age. I look at my son and realize as he is growing that we are all witnessing something very special and I realize how important it is to stay healthy and spend as much time with my son as possible. Maria and I love Matty and he is the best gift we could ever have and it makes our birthdays special knowing he is part of us.

We had a low key celebration for Maria's 40th birthday as she didn't want a fuss. She wanted to have just close family and some friends to celebrate and a birthday cake from her favorite bakery, Dortoni's. We enjoyed being together and seeing Matty having a fun time singing Elvis Presley songs. Maria seems younger than her age and Matty and I know she really is only 21 years old.

The reality is that we are approaching if not already middle age and we are also trying to hold on to our youth and we are enjoying watching our son as he grows and develops into a young man. Maria enjoyed her day and we enjoyed celebrating it with her and her mom and Matty our family's 3 generations. Happy Birthday Maria! We Love you!

Eddie and Matty

Edward D. Iannielli III

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