Friday, January 1, 2010

The hope a new year brings.

As we say goodbye to this year we welcome the new year with the hope and promise that it will be a better year. No one can predict the future but they can hold on to their faith and trust in knowing that they will face each day with the courage and strength required to deal with the circumstances and challenges of life. We all are affected by personal matters that we may not have control over and we need to try to do our best to face them and not be afraid to express our emotions. We will find as we go through life we will experience many stages of change and we will have good times as well as sad times and we need to know how to balance them so we can go forward in our lives. We are the sum total of our experiences both happy and sad.

As part of being blessed with life we are very dependent on others and others are dependent on us and we all are touched by each other and in our life we are personally involved with our own families and deeply connected to our emotional feelings which are our gauge of how we are doing. We must never discount our feelings and we must never be afraid to cry if we are overwhelmed. Crying is important in releasing all the pent up feelings and frustrations we may have. It is very important to stay true to yourself.

All throughout our young lives we are learning and we are influenced by our parents and our teachers. Our parents help to shape us and guide us so when we become young adults we can learn to grow to take on responsibility and learn to take care of ourselves and become independent. As young parents we are always trying to do what's best for our children. I know that with raising a child there comes a lot of double guessing as to how we should handle situations. We are all trying our best to teach our children the proper things in life so they can know better. Often there are challenges and those challenges become more so if our child is autistic. I know from my own personal experiences that raising a child is the greatest gift I have been given and I know there are things I can improve upon in raising my son. We are still trying to help him in getting more socialized and to be more involved and committed to things that interest him. I am sometimes not sure of the best approach to get him into an activity because when we tried to it wound up being a sad disappointment for us.

My wife tried to get Matthew into piano lessons because he loves playing on his Yamaha keyboard but once she started with him it was clearly evident he had no interest and it was a bit embarrassing when she would try with the teacher's instruction but he became fidgety and would not listen. The same thing happened when we tried to get him into a soccer league. It was too structured for him and he clearly was not interested. These are difficult experiences but we realize we are trying to find things for him that he will like not what we would like and we always have to keep this in mind. Sure I would love my son to want to play little league baseball like I did and play with heart but that seemingly is not going to happen so I am trying to introduce Matty to things he will like. I am still learning and in the new year I will be more open minded for his benefit.

It seems with the starting of a new year comes the hope, promise and anticipation of starting fresh and improving on ourselves and committing ourselves to positive change. This is our hope for our son that we will work more together in helping him for our priority in life is helping him to become a happy child so he can have fun and make new friends and learn new skills. Our son is very special to us and we realize that everyday and sometimes when we are apart it is sad but it makes the times we are together more fulfilling and satisfying. I enjoy our times together and during the holidays we were fortunate to have such wonderful times. The memories are precious and will last a lifetime.

As Matty readies himself to go back to school and I back to work we will know that our times spent together mean so much and we will work on having more meaningful times together. I will also work with my wife's help on getting Matty into fun activities that he wishes to do and hopefully arrange some play dates for him. He loves to read and draw so we will have to satisfy his demands and needs in these areas and hopefully find him outlets where he can develop these skills and talents.

So as we say goodbye to 2009 we welcome 2010 and we will always be there for our son hoping with the passing of a new year that we can help our son even more and give him our love and support for many many years to come. Happy New Year Matty and always remember that you should always feel loved and protected and never be afraid to reach your true potential. You are capable of so much and Pop would always remind you and us of this and he was so right. Be not afraid and walk with the confidence you deserve to face a brand new day.


your daddy and mommy

Edward D. Iannielli III

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