Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Appreciating Life!

I believe I am now considered middle age and I am approaching the half century mark which seems to be hard to grasp as I still feel youthful and have the same feelings I had as a young kid. I would always wonder as a kid what it was like being my parents age and now I know. It is special knowing as I get older that I have a son who will follow the tradition of carrying our family name as my grandfather did, as my dad did and as I did. I do not have all the answers about the meaning of life but I know that we are here by God's will and we have been given an opportunity to do all we can and we are responsible for our happiness and well being once we come of age and no longer rely on our parents. In living life we do seek to establish fulfilling and meaningful relationships and we all seek to be acknowledged, to be respected and most of all to be loved. For when we feel loved we feel there is nothing we can not do. We are empowered and we try to impress. I remember as a young boy how I enjoyed being in the presence of girls as I always felt girls were special and they looked so beautiful and they dressed so pretty. I remember having crushes on some of the girls I went to school with as early as kindergarten. I just felt happy when I could talk with a girl and felt they were more sincere and more sensitive to feelings and I liked that.

As I continued on in school I felt I was shy and focused on my studies and still had a deep appreciation for the girls but felt it was harder to talk with them as they matured and grew and seemingly became more beautiful. I felt I became more shy around them and when a girl would talk with me it made my day. As a kid growing up I had my insecurities but I seemed to be able to make friends and participate in sports and develop confidence and learn things about myself and how to interact with others and enjoy life as a child growing up. Sure I went through the changes kids go through when they develop and mature and I went through all the emotions that boys go through when they start appreciating the girls and want to establish relationships. It all seems so complicated but if you just let things happen naturally you won't feel as overwhelmed.

As a parent I know that we have a tremendous responsibility in helping our children develop good habits and learning confidence and self respect. We always reinforce good behavior and building self esteem with our son and we have learned that having patience and understanding is essential. We are learning all the time and we have experienced a lot of ups and downs along the way but the love we hold for our son is so strong and so genuine that we are able to ride those ups and downs with the expectations that we will see better days ahead for our son and will enjoy seeing the progress he makes as he matures and grows. We learn the values we teach our children from our parents and we try to instill in them the importance of learning to listen and to show respect and to always strive to do their best as that makes life more meaningful and opens up so many more opportunities.

The one thing we most certainly learn in life is that we will encounter disappointments and failures and we must learn how to benefit from those painful experiences for we must understand that not everything will go our way. The sooner we learn this the better off we will be. It will help us learn to strive to do our best in life and to learn from those early disappointments. As we learn from our failures we gain insight and we can eventually build those failures into successes and this is what builds character and teaches us valuable life lessons that help us and gives us our appreciation of our hard work and effort that enables us to succeed.

For when we succeed we learn to appreciate life and we get to share our successes with the ones we love and this is what gives us joy and makes our lives more meaningful and truly worthwhile. In life we are always seeking to be the best we can at whatever we do and we try to apply this to all aspects of our lives so we can live an independent life and also share our life and our success with those special to us.

I always talk to my son about being positive and never giving up and to have faith in his abilities and courage in his convictions and to always do his best. I try to talk to him in simple terms but introduce mature concepts and also have him interact and understand. He is very bright and has a wonderful way about him and a deep love for life and we are so blessed to have him in our lives and we are able to appreciate our lives more because of our son.

Edward D. Iannielli III

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