Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Change in Seasons

The summer has given way to fall and now there is a chill in the air. Our summer was very cool and rainy as we had very few days of 90 degree weather. This is the season of anticipation as we look forward to the holidays and spending them with our family and friends. Halloween is a fun time as we enjoy celebrating and seeing all the kids in the neighborhood with their cute costumes. Matthew enjoys the day as he likes to hand out the candy to the little kids trick-or-treating and he also likes to wear his costume and go out to trick-or-treat. I enjoy going with him and it is a lot different from when I was a kid but it is a lot of fun. I remember trick-or-treating as a kid where I went out with my friends with no parental supervision and we went as far as we could and for as long as we could. It just did not seem necessary to go with our parents when we were kids as it seemed much safer back then. Today it is unusual to see kids out unsupervised. We live in a different time and can not be as trusting as we were when we were young. I also think now parents enjoy accompanying their children and I also realize a lot more younger children now go out as well and obviously require their parents as they are so small and they are so cute!

I always liked Halloween but never had the opportunity to dress up in my adult years as I never attended a Halloween party. When I was a kid I would dress as any boy growing up as one of the super heroes like superman, batman or spider man. In 1969 I remember dressing as a New York Met after celebrating such a tremendous victory in the world series. I also dressed as an astronaut. As I got older I stopped wearing costumes and eventually stopped trick-or-treating. If now my wife and I were to be invited to a Halloween party I would probably summon the courage to wear a dress and comfortable shoes I fancy and my wife would probably dress as Lea Salonga, a Filipina singer and actress famous for her performance in Miss Saigon and Les Miserables as she is petite and she likes her and she loves to sing.

I think Halloween is a fun day because it gives you the opportunity to dress as you wish within reason and not be judged. It is a great day for the kids and I love to see the smile on my son's face and I know he usually likes to go as his favorite TV character, Sponge Bob Square Pants. I remember him dressing through the years as a bumble bee, a cowboy, a New York Yankee, Superman and Sponge Bob. He looks so cute and we enjoy being together and visiting our neighbors for some Halloween treats. After all it is fun to receive candy no matter how old you get. I love to see the excitement on my son's face as he exclaims "Trick-or Treat and says 'Thank you." It is a lot of fun for him and for me too! Sometimes I'll stay home to give out the candy and Maria will take him around the neighborhood.

After he made his rounds with me or his Mommy we go through his treasures and make sure everything is good for him and let him have a little now and we save the rest for him for later on. His eyes light up when he realizes how much candy he received and sometimes he will get a few dollars which he puts into his piggy bank.

Once Halloween passes it seems the holidays are upon us and we look forward to the Thanksgiving Day feast and the Christmas shopping but I have found shopping for my son, wife, mother-in-law and all my nieces and nephews gets more and more difficult and I have to be very imaginative in what I buy and now usually ask each of them for ideas so I don't disappoint. We still speak of Santa Clause with our son and he still believes which I think is the greatest thing because that means he still has that childhood innocence which I think is very special. It will be a bit sad when Matthew stops believing in Santa because that is what makes the holiday so much fun. We also tell him about the nativity and that Jesus was born on Christmas day and we celebrate his birth and share in the joy.

It is a nice time of the year as the leaves change colors and the weather changes. The fall season is a great time of the year and we start to get used to the cooler weather. As winter draws closer it does get a bit colder which takes some getting used to but every kid looks forward to a white snowy day and if they are lucky enough may even get a day off from school. We all love snow on Christmas Day as is nicely stated in Bing Crosby's famous song "I'm dreaming of a White Christmas" which is always a holiday favorite.

I am amazed how it seems the year passes so quickly and once the fall is here the remainder of the year goes by in a flash and then we face the long winter eagerly awaiting Spring once again. How fast the seasons seem to go. We also realize how quickly the years go by and it is enough to make you think and try to take it all in and appreciate the time as it happens because it quickly passes as does our youth. I always tell my son to enjoy being a kid because growing up means a lot more responsibility and a lot more patience needed.

I treasure these days with my family and will always remember all the fun times as we see the joy in our son's face and the youthful innocence he has. It sometimes seems we have to grow up so quickly but that is a joy too because we get to see our children grow and we hope we can hold on to that precious time as it too goes by so fast just like the changing seasons.

Edward D. Iannielli III

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