Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad! I miss you!

Today is a special day as it commemorates my father's birthday. He was born October 27th, 1935 and he was the 2nd oldest of seven children. He was a great son, a great brother, a great husband, a great father, a great iron worker, a great friend, a wonderful grandfather to all his grand children and a great man! He was so special to all he met in his life and he was truly courageous and had a life full of wonderful moments and sad moments. He weathered well throughout his life and he always maintained a happy disposition and always gave his best effort in everything he did. I have so many happy memories of my dad through the years and I always looked up to him and was always so proud of him and I admired his courage, his strength, his dedication and most of all his loyalty and his sense of responsibility and his sense of family values. Dad was a quiet and humble man who always was there for mom and my 2 sisters and I. He made us feel protected and safe and he and mom instilled in us great values that we hold on to today and throughout our lives.

I did a lot of reflecting today about life and what it is like without my dad and I felt very sad and just tried to think of how special dad was and how he was always there for us with mom when we were young and how he was there for us when mom passed and how he was always there for our children. He was very special and he always thought of us and our children and would do anything he could to help us all out. He really made a big difference in all our lives and the void we feel now without him is a very noticeable and a very painful one. We know that we have to move on as that is the natural progression of life but when you lose someone so important in your life it never is easy and no matter how much time passes the pain of missing them is always there as I still feel that pain for my mom who is gone now almost 20 years.

In my Dad's honor I will lead a life of honesty, strength, dedication, and I will provide my wife and son the love and hope I learned from both my mom and dad since I was a little boy growing up. I will try to be the very best I can and I will be true to myself, my family, my friends and my employer and career. I learned a lot from my mom and dad and have used everything they taught me in my life and feel it is what they taught me that helps me to be a kind, caring and compassionate person. I have exhibited patience with my son and his struggles and am fortunate to have Maria and Matthew in my life and was so glad Dad got to meet both Maria and Matthew. Life is ever changing and we try to always hold on to the precious memories that make us happy and feel good. When I think of my Dad and all he meant to me I can't help but smile and realize I was truly very lucky to have such loving and caring parents who raised us and taught us well.

I had to explain to my son who asked me to buy a cake for Pop's birthday that I did not feel it was how we should celebrate his life. I told him we usually have a cake to share with the person who's birthday it is who can be with us. It was very difficult for Matthew to understand and he ran upstairs crying and told me I'm not being respectful to my dad. I felt bad as Matthew still believes Pop is here and I do not know how to explain to him that he is not with us anymore. Life's lessons sometimes seem so sad and difficult to explain to children and I really feel for my son knowing that he blocks things like this out and can not accept it. His reaction also brought a tear to my eye making me realize that my dad is really gone and all I know is that my dad was wonderful to mom and to us and our families and he always gave his all in everything and that is what I will remember mostly about my dad today and every year we celebrate his birthday. I will try to help Matthew through these difficult realities as best I can and only hope that as time passes it becomes a little easier.

To me dad will always be here with us as we see all he had done to help us. When I walk into our house I can't help but think of my dad as he was responsible for helping me in buying the house. When I drive my car, again my dad was responsible. So all the things I have is mainly because of my dad. He even helped me with our wedding and with my education. Dad was very instrumental in my success and I will never forget this.

Thank you Dad! I know you are in a better place and are happy being reunited with Mom and I wish to tell you that I love and miss you both and wanted to wish you a very happy birthday.


Edward D. Iannielli III
Maria J. Iannielli
Matthew Edward Iannielli

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