Friday, October 23, 2009

The lighter side of life.

I am learning that we do not always have to be so serious all the time. Believe me when I say that it is important to have a lighter side where you can get away from all the stresses and demands of everyday life and alleviate all your worries and concerns. I know that if I had to be the same and do the same all the time I would probably seek a one way flight to the most exotic of places and just do everything I always wanted but was afraid to do. Sometimes I believe we hold ourselves back with our fears and insecurities and we don't always achieve our true potential. We limit ourselves and we therefore never find our true happiness. If we had the opportunity to step outside of ourselves and express ourselves in ways we don't usually have the opportunity to do I feel we would experience a truly richer life with much more joy and a deeper understanding of who we really are. By denying a part of our self I believe we are not really being honest to our self and we are therefore silencing a side of us that can lead to sadness and frustration. It is important that we try to learn self acceptance and embrace who we are so we can step forward and lead a life that is worthwhile and provide meaning to us and to all we touch.

I have been touched by so many in my life and I find the hardest part of becoming friends with others is that there comes a time when we drift away and lose sight of those who were a big part of our life at one time. It is sad in a way that we are always moving forward and that our lives are evolving and changing all the time. It seems that at times life moves at a snails pace and other times life passes by in a blink of an eye. It just seems that we are so caught up in our daily routines that we lose sight of what the true meaning of life is.

If I was asked what was the most important thing I have learned in my 4o+ years of living I would have to say that I have learned that life is very precious and we are not certain of what lies ahead but we try to find a sense of stability and a deep appreciation for all that we do have and an abiding love for our family. When I became a father I realized that my needs became less important and the needs of my son became more important and my life now became focused on my wife and son. I was no longer a single person. I had major responsibilities and I now had to grow up and lead a life like my parents did and my role as husband, father and provider gave me a strength that I never felt before. I learned that there was a bigger picture now and I had to have drive, ambition, love and a sense of devotion to my family and my work and to God. For I would not be blessed if I did not have faith. I believe by having faith we become better in how we face our challenges and how we live our lives.

I think that we also have to approach life with a sense of humor and never take ourselves to seriously. Our lives are temporary and we only know of a couple of certainties. One I know very well and the other I hope is a long way off as I still have a very young son who relies on me and I rely on him and my wife. We try to find so much in our life and the ideals I believe most of us are looking for are peace, joy, love, happiness, satisfaction, comfort, success, meaning, togetherness and family in our life's search and when we can experience all these wonderful things we are confronted with the reality that life is some journey that we live and at some point that journey will eventually end and we would hope that we had a truly wonderful one shared with all our loved ones and all those who meant something to us.

The most important thing I can teach my son is that he should always approach his life with a smile and a feeling that he is just like anyone else and that he can do anything he sets his mind to do. It is very important that we always give our self the benefit of the doubt and have confidence that we can achieve great things and that our lives do have a purpose and that we should learn to laugh and find humor in life because it will make us more open to challenge and will help us deal better with our experiences and give us a better perspective. I will teach my son that he should live life to benefit himself and to also benefit all that he comes in contact with for we all have a way of touching others and the more people we touch the better we become as a person. This is what I would like my son to learn and understand so he can go forward and lead a happy and meaningful life. He will learn that there is a lighter side to life!

Edward D. Iannielli III

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