Monday, August 3, 2009

Arrival at resort for our honeymoon.

We had been so happy that our wedding went well and everyone involved made our special day very memorable and we were so very grateful for their hard work. We had a great turnout and everyone seemed to have a fun time. All our guests were very kind and very generous. The day seemed to go by so quickly and it seemed a bit surreal at times. We were now looking forward to our stay at Disney World for the week where we planned to attend the major parks and stay at the Swan and Dolphin Hotel. My best friend and best man Jeffrey Saper was driving us to the airport at La Guardia and our flight was scheduled for takeoff at 1:30 pm. We were looking forward to the trip and felt relieved that our wedding was now behind us and we were also looking forward to the birth of our son in December which was 3 months away.

Maria was doing well with her pregnancy and she was taking her prenatal vitamins and eating healthy. We knew that she had to be careful with the heat and also with which rides she could go on since she was 6 months pregnant. I promised her that I would stay with her and not venture on any rides she would not be able to go on as a result of her pregnancy. I was hoping the days would be on the cool side.

I've been to Disney World twice already having gone their in my early adulthood once with my friend Jeff and another time with my friend Eugene Keller. Now I was very excited to go with my wife and I was certain she would enjoy it even though she could not go on many of the rides.

Jeff accompanied us for lunch at the airport before we headed for the gate and we were appreciative that he drove us and stayed for a little while and helped us with our luggage. We stopped at the burger king and we talked a bit about our plans in Florida and about the ceremony and reception. We also thanked him for being my best man. As the time drew closer for boarding we had to now part ways and we both embraced him and thanked him for everything and promised him we would show him all our pictures we anticipated taking when we get back home. We now headed for the gate where we waited about 15 minutes before presenting our boarding passes. We were now on the plane and very much looking forward to our flight which was estimated at near 2 hours. We would land at Orlando International Airport and then be bussed to our hotel unless we decided to rent a car and drive there. I very rarely flew so it was a unique experience for me but Maria has flown from the Philippines which is at least a full day of flying. I would find it very difficult flying anywhere past 5-6 hours which is approximately the time to fly out to California.

As we were preparing for takeoff the stewardess was showing us the necessary preparation for using the oxygen compartment in the event of an emergency. I was listening as I was browsing through a magazine I picked up at the stationery at the airport. There was a movie to watch for our flight. Maria brought a book to read and I was planning to watch the movie. As we were settling in the pilot announced over the intercom the weather here for the flight which was sunny and mild and the weather in Orlando which was a balmy 88 degrees. He indicated that we would be taxiing for takeoff shortly and would be instructed when to fasten our belts. The stewardess came by and indicated we should fasten our belts now and the pilot indicated that we were now ready for takeoff. The plane started to taxi to the runway and prepared for our flight. As we picked up speed I was starting to feel a little tense but would try to relax and enjoy the flight. Maria seemed calm as she was used to flying. We were now at that point right before being airborne then all of a sudden we were in the air and flying upwards which felt pretty cool. I was peeking out the window to see the view as we were flying higher. The stewardess was making her way up the aisle asking the passengers what they would like to drink. I was a bit thirsty and looking forward to a cranberry juice. Maria was enjoying her book and also looking forward to a ginger ale. I was watching a movie and resting also. The flight was enjoyable and smooth the way I like it. The stewardess was really nice as she gave us our drinks and a bag of peanuts. I could not wait to arrive at the resort as I heard so many nice things about it. We were in the air for about an hour and expecting 1 more hour in the air. I was certain when we arrived we would rest at the hotel and go out for a nice dinner and I knew Maria was a bit tired as well.

I enjoyed looking out the window on occasion and catching parts of the movie as well. Maria was also watching parts of the movie and catching naps and reading her book. We were informed that we would be landing at Orlando in about 15 minutes.

I turned to my wife to ask how she was doing and what we should do after we arrive at the hotel. She said that we should relax before we go out.

We were readying to land and it always is a good feeling when you get through the flight and arrive safely. As we landed you could feel the speed of the plane diminishing as it was slowing down on the runway moving for a distance and finally coming to a stop as the pilot says we are now in Orlando and thanking us for flying and to enjoy our stay. We were so happy to finally be here in sunny Florida enjoying being a couple and looking forward to our stay here. We removed our carry on luggage and headed for the exit as we slowly moved through the aisle finally ariving to thank the pilot and the stewardesses and the crew. We were finally here and headed for the area where our luggage would be sent.

Once we picked up our luggage we headed for the shuttle that transports guests to the hotel. We were looking forward to getting to our room so we could get some relaxation time and enjoy the Florida experience. We were looking forward to seeing Micky and all the Disney characters. The ride from the airport to the hotel was approximately 20 minutes. As we boarded the shuttle we were excited about arriving at the hotel and finally getting to spend some time together and relax for a full week.

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