Friday, August 28, 2009

Matthew meets a special friend, Gina Marie Incandela

I had just started registering on Myspace and was pretty new to the process of making friends and I provided a brief background of myself and my family and my main focus in my description was raising an autistic son and how devoted I am to being there for him and helping him and being his biggest supporter. So I dedicated any social networking pages I registered on to my son and autism so I could hopefully make some contacts. I also registered on Facebook with the same intentions.

My very first friend on Myspace besides the creator of the site was a cute little girl named Gina Marie Incandela and I was quite surprised and very impressed that she reached out to me as a friend. I was so delighted and I began writing her on her page and leaving her messages telling her how we think she is such an inspiration to all autistic children and that she is such an amazing musical talent. Well she was so kind to write back and introduce herself and shared some of her music captured on Youtube video. She wrote a nice letter to Matthew and said she was so happy to become friends and would share her music with him. We were delighted and I showed Matthew and he was very happy. Since we became friends with Gina we always search her videos on Youtube and enjoy watching her sing the National Anthem at sporting events. She is so poised and such a young lady when she performs and she looks so cute in her pretty dresses. She is a joy to watch and we feel priviledged that she has reached out to us because of our son who is autistic. Gina and her mom are so kind and they have been wonderful in sharing a part of her with us.

The amazing thing about Gina is that she was diagnosed with Asperger's, a form of Autism that Matthew is diagnosed with also and she did not speak any words until she was 3 years old which is similar to Matthew. Gina has developed into a major music star on stage and can be seen singing the National Anthem at baseball games, basketball games, hockey games and other sporting events. She also has an album out and she sings Christmas songs. One of her most popular songs is Dare to Dream and it is very inspiring. Gina is a natural on stage and she sings with such heart and emotion that she brings tears to your eyes. She is truly engaging with the audience and is such a cute little girl with the voice of an angel.

We have maintained our friendship with Gina and also became friends with her on facebook as she put a request out to me again which really made my day and I gladly accepted her friendship request. We just love her so much and we show Matthew her videos of her singing and he is so amazed how wonderful she sings and how brave she is to sing in front of such big crowds and that she sings so beautifully and is autistic is truly inspiring.

Matthew feels honored to have Gina as a friend and I encourage him to write her for advice and as a friend. Matthew is a bit shy but he loves to post comments on her videos telling her how wonderful she sings. It would be nice to attend a sporting event to see her perform live. It would make Matty's day if we were also lucky enough to get her autograph on her new album. We just think she is incredibly gifted and delighted that she reached out to our son. She is truly special and we just love her so much as she is doing such a wonderful thing to inspire autistic children.

God Bless you Gina Marie Incandela and thank you for being Matthew's friend!

Edward D. Iannielli III

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