Thursday, August 27, 2009

How Matty got the bloody nose at the mall

It all started back in early 2004 when we lived at 47 Raspberry Lane in Levittown, New York. We were at the Sunrise Mall buying some clothes for school. About 10 minutes later Matty got a bump by running around the mall. Soon his nose started to bleed and we were scared. We went to the food court and it was bleeding a lot and we didn't know what to do. It was bleeding all over the floor. Even the shirt Matty was wearing was all covered in blood. We were very scared like crazy. The janitor mopped up the floor and cleaned it. Matthew was crying and so was Maria, she said "Help Help". We didn't know what to do still. So someone called the emergency. About five minutes later the ambulance came and took Matty and mommy inside. We hoped he would be ok. We went to Brunswick hospital that eventually closed down sometime in 2006. The blood stopped anyway. We were waiting in the hospital for like almost 2 hours. He got a little bored in there so we left at like 10 pm. The nurses were very nice to us and calmed Matty down and stopped his crying. We were glad that he was ok and because the blood stopped. Now it was time to go home and get some shut eye. It was like a nightmare but now it's over. At home Matty went to bed and thanked us for helping to stop the bleeding at the mall and hospital. He said good night and fell asleep. The End.

Matty Iannielli (with the help of)

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