Saturday, December 5, 2009

Count your blessings

I am often reminded when I am feeling a bit sorry for myself how lucky I am. I have a wonderful and supportive wife and a wonderful son who has some struggles but an internal strength that will help him in his life. We all want perfection in our lives but that is far from reality. We also wish to have certainty and the ability to stay healthy so we can take care of our family. I have been helped a lot in my life and have been very fortunate and very appreciative for all the wonderful people who helped and guided me, especially my parents. I realize that we are on our life's path where we have many things we wish to accomplish and many people who will touch us and who we will touch. In life unfortunately we all have to age and go through periods of stress and difficulty and personal sorrow. We all try to live life to the fullest knowing in the back of our mind that one day we will not wake to see all those who are so special to us or we will wake but will lose some of those who are special to us and this sometimes is hard to come to terms with.

I am very concerned for my son and my wife and want Matthew to have a full and happy life with promise of a bright future. I will see that he goes to college and finds a suitable program of study that will benefit him and provide him with opportunity. It seems the world we live in is getting so much more complicated and there is a lot of suffering in our current day. There are so many people facing financial stresses and many who are faced with the prospect of losing there homes because they lost their jobs and have no income coming in. These people are everyday hard working people who used to be considered middle class. They have had everything pulled out from under them and are trying their best to get back up and start again. These people need incredible strength and heart and I just feel so sad how this can happen. It is very scary especially if you have a family with young children It just doesn't seem fair.

We who are doing our best to provide and take care of our families and are working need to be thankful for the opportunity we have and do our best for our employer and our family. I am grateful for the opportunity I have and I am always trying my best and am very respectful and very hopeful. As a father we need to set a good example for our children and be a positive influence in their life and help guide them and be there for them and to help answer their questions and calm their fears and ease their burdens for kids today are faced with so much more so sooner and are dealing with growing up at a much quicker pace.

Raising a special needs child today is a challenge but is a very rewarding experience too because it is so precious to bond with your child and allow them to grow and become their own person and when you see your child making strides and starting to mature and grow and find comfort and happiness in their childhood it makes our lives so much more purposeful and we feel the joy they feel. In raising an autistic child it is quite a learning experience because you need to establish ways of effectively communicating with your child knowing that they have a disconnect and do not always understand or see thing as we do. Therefore it requires real patience, perseverance and a tremendous dedication to your child in providing them ways of learning to express themselves and establish confidence and a bond with us and with teachers and classmates.

I know it takes time to see progress and feel things are coming into place but as I see my son now about to turn 11 years old I just feel so much love for him and want to make everything for him the best I can. I love when I have time to spend with him and I cherish that time always. I enjoy when we have plans to spend the day together and to see a movie or a concert. It is special to bond with your child and I count my blessings each and every day I have with my wife and son and I just have such a sense of joy and feeling of completeness. I am here for a reason and that is to provide for and take care of my family like my dad did in his wonderful life. I learned from the best and I count my blessings for having such wonderful parents, wonderful sisters and my own wonderful family. Life is good when you share it with the ones you love.

Edward D. Iannielli III

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