Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Our beauty comes from within and our joy comes from our children

Life for many is a long road of discovery with many detours and alternate routes to choose from. It is about finding ourselves and how we relate with others. We are always learning and gaining insight and developing as our own person and our inner feelings and our experiences help in shaping who we are. We need to be loved, respected, heard and counted on so we can fully experience what is so wonderful about our lives and we need to share who we are and never run from it. Life is about living and sharing and reaching out to others and finding peace and happiness and tapping into the beauty of our selves that comes from within. When we open up and fully achieve the inner peace and happiness we are seeking we will find the true meaning of life and will realize how special we are and how important it is to be true and honest and to reach out to others and share a part of ourselves. We will find that when we relate to others we are able to share ourselves and we can then help touch others and also be touched by the actions and commitment of others and also seek the answers to the questions we are faced with throughout our travels on the roads and superhighways of life.

In seeing my son, Matthew on the very first day of his life when I was with Maria and she delivered him with all the doctors and nurses there and all the commotion in the delivery area I was truly amazed and had tears streaming down my cheeks for I was now a dad and I was so overcome with joy. I suddenly realized I had so much to learn in raising a baby with my wife and also felt this emotional bond with Maria and Matthew, our newborn little boy which was and is the most wonderful, incredible, spiritual, happiest and most joyous time of my life and I will forever be grateful for this most incredible opportunity. Words can not always express how we feel and when I was going through the wonders of our son's birth I just felt so at peace and in a wonderful place and moment in my life. I felt something I never felt before and it will always remain with me because that is without question the happiest day in my life. It is a day I enjoy reliving and thinking back to and it always brings a smile to my face and makes me realize the most important things in life.

Our son Matthew is so beautiful in every way and I remember placing his hand in my hand when he was an infant and I was just so amazed at how tiny and how perfect he was. It is just so enlightening to see a baby and to realize they are part of us and we are part of him or her and our hearts grow with all the love we hold for our baby. The love of our baby is the most precious gift we can ever receive and share because it is a wonderful time and before you know it that time is past in the blink of an eye given the hectic nature of our lives. We derive such joy and happiness in raising a child and it by far is the most interesting and exciting time we will ever experience and we will most certainly miss it when the time passes by. That is why it is so very important to fulfill all your dreams and desires in raising your child and always give them your full undivided attention and all the love you hold for them. It is so special to have those times together as a family and it is all worth it. I am by far a more caring and loving person and I approach my life with more purpose and happiness as the proud father I am of our son Matthew (Matty).

I would say my intentions as Matthew's father are always good and I am realizing the importance of spending as much time with him as I can. We all have responsibilities and pressures in our lives but must also remember that our children are the most special and most important part of our lives and no matter what happens we must always remember that and do all we can to protect and nurture our children. Our children are our gift that helps us become better as human beings and help us to learn the special things and most important things in life.

My parents were my connection to this place we live in and they were wonderful and truly committed in raising my sisters and I and I firmly promise to do my best with Maria for our son, Matthew because we love him and are so happy to have him in our lives. We are truly blessed and I am always very emotional whenever I have the opportunity to talk of my wife and son for they are what makes my life so wonderful and purposeful. In the Christmas season we all try to be better as people and reach out and go that extra step and I feel since Matthew's birth I always felt this way. May we all be so blessed! Peace and Joy to all!

Edward D. Iannielli III

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