Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The magic of Transiberian Orchestra and a special evening with my son and niece

It was another Friday and I was looking forward to the weekend like always and especially this Friday evening as I had three tickets to see Transiberian Orchestra with my son and niece at the Nassau Coliseum. I've been looking forward to seeing them all year long since I saw them last year in New Jersey with my son. We had such a great time then that we naturally wanted to see them again and I thought it would be nice to treat Kathryn too. It was exciting driving to the coliseum and as we were near the big event at the coliseum we hit a patch of traffic as it seemed everyone was heading there to see them perform. We were anticipating a fun time and we all were looking forward to the concert.

As we took our seats I was getting all excited for I remember their performance last year at the Izod center in New Jersey was tremendous and Matthew and I had such a wonderful time then. I ran out quickly to the concessions to get snacks before the concert started and we sat patiently for the next 20 minutes waiting and eagerly looking forward to the big event to start. Matthew was talking with Kathryn and holding on to his Sponge Bob doll and introducing him to all the patrons walking by us as they took their seats. They all got a kick out of it and greeted Matthew with a smile.

For me Transiberian Orchestra's music is very special because it reminds me of the time when I was travelling back and forth to Mercy Hospital where my wife and newborn son were. It was wonderful seeing Maria and our baby boy Matthew at the hospital during my visits and spending as much time with them as I could. As I would drive there and back home I would listen to the powerful and beautiful Christmas music of Transiberian Orchestra and feel an overwhelming peace and joy and state of wonderful happiness realizing I had a wife and now baby boy in my life. So when I took Matthew to the concert last year to see them I was immediately transported back to that very special time in my life and I could not help but cry at times as I listened to the very powerful and emotional music and started thinking back to when I would see Maria and our newborn son at the hospital. It was so very touching and truly one of the most special times I shared with Matthew as I held his hand at the concert and saw the joy on his face as we watched them perform and just get caught up in the moment.

This year's concert was also very special and it was much closer which was nice and convenient. We were amazed at how the group performed so intensely last year and we had so much fun just watching them and listening to their beautiful music and seeing the light and picture shows they presented. As soon as the concert started this year we knew we were in for a night of excitement and tremendous music. The concert started off with the presentation of a check donated by the group to a local Long Island charity which the group does every year and at every venue. They opened up with one of their popular Christmas songs and we were drawn in immediately. I just sat back and relaxed with my son and niece by my side and listened to the music as it brought me back in time again to the wonderful day my son was born. I just love Transiberian Orchestra and I have so much joy watching my son and niece having a fun time and taking in the music and the artistic light and picture shows. When you find a connection to a band and their music it makes the experience so much more meaningful and special. For the next 3 hours we were just so caught up in the group's performance and enjoyed every song and every moment. I am such a big fan of Transiberian Orchestra and see that Matthew is also. It is a wonderful thing to share an evening like this with your child and get caught up in the moment and just enjoy every song performed by the group.

As the concert reached its midpoint Matthew wanted to take a walk and use the facilities. We walked around while Kathryn stayed back at the seats and we walked the full length of the coliseum and purchased the group's first Christmas CD which was the one I listened to when Matthew was born. We headed back to our seats and had to walk carefully as it was dark. As we sat to watch the second half of the show I just had such a great feeling and thoroughly enjoyed watching the performances of such talented musicians. The unique quality of Transiberian Orchestra is they have a narrator telling us a story with each song the group performs and it really is an integral part of the show and makes it extra special. The group seemed they were just warming up and played one great song after another. It was truly amazing listening to such great songs and seeing the band playing one great song after another and feeling the Christmas joy and holiday spirit. I am now a big fan of Transiberian Orchestra and will plan to take my son every year at this time to see them perform as they put on such a tremendous performance and their music is so uplifting and incredibly beautiful to listen to.

As the band took time out to introduce each of their members we made sure we clapped as hard as we could to give them the recognition they deserve for performing so beautifully. We were enjoying every moment of the show and as they performed the last song of the night we stood up and clapped so hard as did everyone else and I just felt so lucky to have my son and niece at the show with me and all of us having such a joyous time. As we were leaving I asked Matthew and Kathryn how they enjoyed the show and they said they loved it. I asked them if they would like to go again next year and they both said they would with a resounding yes. As we were in the parking lot looking for our car Matthew started to sing one of their songs and said he loves their music and thanked me for a wonderful night. I hugged him tightly and gave him a kiss and said I love him very much and also told Kathryn we were happy she came too and she said she was very appreciative for the invitation to the show and would like to go again next year.

We learned the importance of togetherness and appreciation of talent as we were at the concert and found the experience a lot of fun and very memorable and all look forward to seeing them next Christmas and every year following that. They are the best musical show I have ever seen and will always welcome seeing them with my son and whoever else accompanies us.

Merry Christmas!

Edward D. Iannielli III

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