Saturday, December 26, 2009

The voice of an Angel

It's not often we are touched by a song or a performance that brings us to tears so when it happens it truly is a remarkable thing. I often enjoy music and can listen to it with many people around me in a public place such as a concert or alone when I am driving in my car listening to the radio or a cd. To me music is a very important facet of life and it helps connect us to many times and moments in our life. I have a real connection to the music of Trans-Siberian Orchestra because it brings me back to the time of my son's birth. I also cherish the music of the 60's and 70's because it reminds me of my childhood and brings me back to those happy days.

Since I started driving a car at 18 years old I always enjoyed listening to the music as I would drive whether it was down the block to the store, on my way to work or on a long road trip down to Virginia, South Carolina or Florida or on the west coast in California. It's the music that makes the drive more enjoyable and makes the times more memorable.

My mother enjoyed singing and I have fond memories as a young child when my mom would sing me to sleep. Those were my most favorite times. My mom loved to sing and I always loved listening to her voice. I find it interesting that my wife Maria also likes to sing and loves Karaoke and her favorite music is country. I enjoy listening to her sing and remember when she too would sing Matthew to sleep as a baby. We always encourage Matthew to sing when he is in the mood because he has a nice voice and it is a wonderful thing to express yourself through song and if a child can feel comfortable singing in front of others it will help them with their shyness and help them with their self esteem also.

As the father of an autistic child I am always happy to see when other autistic children have developed talents that take them places and help them teach others. I am very impressed with the young girl Gina Marie Incandela, who also is autistic and is a very talented singer and is well known for performing at sporting events singing the National Anthem. She has such a beautiful voice and is such a pleasure to watch perform and I have shown my son videos of her performances and he is so very impressed and so proud of her achievements.

I was never blessed with the talent of singing or playing a musical instrument so when I listen to music from well known artists or amateurs I really enjoy listening and being touched by their work. I have grown to enjoy the concept of giving amateurs the chance to showcase their talent in a tv talent competition. You can see how serious these unknown performers are and how they welcome the opportunity. One of my favorite artists that went from unknown to overnight sensation was Kelly Clarkson who got noticed from her performance on American Idol and was the very first winner of the show. Since her win on American Idol the show has launched her career and the careers of many other talented performers and has provided a great deal of entertainment.

The popularity of American Idol has also launched the series in Europe with Britain's Got Talent and the most remarkable performance was that of a 47 year old woman who by appearance was considered a non serious candidate by the audience as they laughed as she spoke. Even the judges including Simon rolled their eyes and didn't know what to make of her. She seemed sweet as she introduced herself to the panel and the audience and she was very proud by the way she conducted herself. As the judges asked her a few questions and she politely replied it was now time for her to perform. Before she started to sing it was obvious she seemed to want the stage and to have this opportunity based on her behind stage interview.

The moment she gave the cue to start and started to sing it was like heaven and earth collided as she drew everyone in with that angelic voice she was blessed with and all her dreams from when she was a 12 year old girl were all of a sudden happening in that instant. She not only shined in that moment but brought tears to the eyes of so many people and in the process touched so many people from across the vast landscape of England and all of Europe to across the Atlantic to the States. She was so incredible in that performance and she really touched everyone in the audience and the panel of judges were in a state of shock. It was the most incredible performance I ever saw and I literally had tears in my eyes and no matter how many times I watch her performance I well up with tears in my eyes as her performance is so touching and her voice is such a pleasure to listen to. The woman who touched so many with her voice and her incredible talent is Susan Boyle and I am so very happy for her as she is so inspiring and has such a wonderful gift to share. She is truly amazing and I am so touched and inspired by her story. I made sure I picked up her debut cd for my wife as a Christmas present as I know how much my wife loves to sing and we both felt her story is so compelling.

It is not often that someone touches us as profoundly but Susan Boyle really did and I am so delighted to learn of her and to hear her music and that angelic voice as she really has touched us and we thank her very much for that and thank Britain's Got Talent for discovering her.

Edward D. Iannielli III

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