Thursday, December 3, 2009

Words of Encouragement

At times in life we all feel a little down and seem to feel sadness and despair and we wonder when we will find happiness and joy. It seems that we all have moods and we have to learn to control our feelings and emotions because life is a long and winding road and we have to learn to adjust to the different conditions. It is not easy and sometimes we try to manage and just find that inner peace we need to go on in our life. We have to be strong and have faith and trust in our self that things will be ok and most of all we need words of encouragement and to know we are supported and cared for. I always knew in life that before we could love someone else we had to love our self first and take comfort in who we are and have an identity that connects us to who we are and help us to fit in and get along with others.

I always wondered so many things about our life and our mission and what it is we are to do with this wonderful gift of life we have been given. I scratch my head on occasion just wondering about destiny and fate and what it is all about with our lives and our relationships. If you think to much about it you will just go in a full circle and never know why. It's all a mystery and no one has the answer.

My son is getting to an age now where he asks me many questions and is very curious and very bright. As he is autistic by a diagnosis from doctors we try to instill in him that it is ok to be autistic or blind or deaf. This just makes us have to work a little harder to do what we wish but there is nothing wrong with that. It just makes us stronger and gives us insight into our life and makes us more special.

It also is quite amazing that we were children at one time and we depended on our parents. One time our parents were children and they depended on their parents. And now that we are parents we now have children depending on us and in time our children will be parents. This is the cycle of life and generations of family. We all are interconnected and rely on each other in some way.

As I see my son growing and becoming his own person it is quite a learning experience because as he grows I feel the time is just flying by and I am trying to adjust and help him as his curiosity and his questions are outpacing my ability to answer them as they are becoming more and more complicated. I am now preparing for the time when he starts to notice the girls but right now he is still at the stage where he thinks "girl kisses are gross" so I still have some time to prepare for that. I also know with my son that it is very important to talk to him and also to listen to him. He feels sadness and has his bad days like we all do and that is the time when I need to give him encouragement and allow him to talk about what is bothering him. I feel it is very important for him to talk it out and express himself because that is one of the things autistic children have trouble with.

By offering my son encouraging words and listening to him I feel he will benefit and realize it is part of life to feel sad and by talking it out with me he will find that he will feel better because it is not good to keep it inside. I know from personal experience and that is why I recognize why it is so important to talk about what's on your mind. I will always give my son the time and offer encouraging words and words of praise.

Edward D. Iannielli III

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