Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Asperger's, Art, Music and Mathematics

It seems that most children affected by Asperger's which is part of the Autistic spectrum have very creative minds. Asperger's kids are usually high functioning and exhibit unique abilities. I even see it in my son as he has a keen interest in music as he spends hours putting together music lists of his favorite artists and songs. He has lists of music for the 60s and 70s and contemporary music and his favorite music artist is Elvis Presley. He even surprises me with his knowledge of music. His singing is truly refreshing to listen to when he is in the mood and not shy. He generally will sing among family and some close friends. He really knows how to sing on key and he has a great memory as he can remember most of the words. When he hears a song he likes in the car when we are driving he immediately starts to sing and I am always amazed as he does it so well.

Matthew also has an affinity for numbers and he enjoys the subject of mathematics. I wouldn't say his mathematical abilities are extraordinary but he does seem to have a talent and an interest and does well in school. I believe he has the ability to excel in math when he sets his mind to it. He like most kids does get a little frustrated as well. Even the best minds have had difficulties with mathematics as it has been rumored that Albert Einstein struggled with mathematics as a child.

There definitely is a link between asperger's and creativity in the fields of art, music and mathematics.

Matthew also exhibits talent in art expression and has drawn such wonderful pictures that even Pop was impressed with his drawings as he was an artist and very talented in his own ways. Matthew is a bit repetitive as most autistic children are but his love for these areas is quite noticeable and we try to encourage him to excel in these areas and strive to do his best.

As a kid I also had a fond appreciation of music and enjoyed the songs of the 60s which was my era and as an adult I still enjoy listening to the music of that era. It is what brings me back to those days and is very enjoyable.

Matthew and I both enjoy spending time together to share our appreciation of music and I always love to see his artwork. Sometimes he is shy about it and won't show me it until he is absolutely ready and I certainly understand and tell him I can't wait to see it when it is completed.

This is what is truly special about Asperger's kids is their desire and attention to detail and their seemingly natural abilities to suit their interests. I am so proud of my son and I always enjoy spending time with him. Maria and I proudly display all his artwork from the classroom and from home on our livingroom wall as this is the works of our son, who has displayed so much talent and we are so happy to display it for all our family and friends to see.

Asperger's kids also require a lot of devotion and encouragement and patience to bring their beautiful talents out. They are truly special and deserve all the encouragement because it is truly a wonderful thing to see the smile and joy on their face when they realize what a great thing they did. It is so priceless to see the joy in your kid's face and the feeling of pride and seeing them accomplish something that is so important to them. It certainly makes it all worthwhile. As much as the struggles seem painful it is worth going through them to treasure such a moment and we always look forward to these moments as our son is very bright and capable and can do anything he wishes. He is gifted and we view Asperger's as both a blessing and a challenge but the joys of seeing an Asperger's child develop to their full potential is a truly wonderful thing and we are grateful to Dr Hans Asperger who noticed this a long time ago back in the 1940s and we owe a lot to him for his dedication and research.

Edward D. Iannielli III

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