Sunday, September 20, 2009

A day in our life.

As I wake to face another day I ready myself for the work day and make sure Maria and Matty are fine and getting ready for their days at work and school. Maria always prepares Matty for the day and sees that he has his medicine and she gets him ready for the school bus. She is very good at preparing him for his school day as I am getting ready for work. Since we only have one bathroom we all have to plan around each other since we are all up around the same time of 6:00 am. Usually Maria gives Matthew a shower in the morning first and then gets him dressed and grandma makes his breakfast while Maria freshens up. After she dresses then I shave and wash up. I usually take a shower the night before so I don't have to rush as much in the morning. Once we are all dressed and ready we spend a little time together before we all go on our way. I give my wife and son a hug and kiss before I leave for work and always ask her to call me during the day.

I remember when I needed help if my car was in for servicing or I had to have my paycheck deposited I could always rely on my dad to help me and he was always reliable and always dependable. I remember he would call me almost every day to see how my family and I were doing and he always made me feel better when we spoke. He was a great dad and he had the biggest heart. I miss not having him around and I especially miss his visits with Matthew and his phone calls during the day.

Life has changed but a day in my life relatively has not as I know the responsibilities that lie ahead of me. I am very responsible to my employer and their clients. I work for a firm where I enjoy my work and I have a lot of respect for the partners and coworkers. I am grateful to work for nice people who have understood and supported me through our son's issues with school and our recent loss of my dad. I have been very fortunate and I also am very happy to work at the clients offices as they are all professional and so kind. I have been a CPA since 1990 and have worked for a number of firms and also in private industry and I feel this is the best firm I worked at because they are like a family and they work professionally and are dedicated to their clients.

My responsibilities to my wife and son come without question as they are the center of my life and I am very fortunate to have them in my life. They give me strength and encouragement when I sometimes feel down and they are always in my corner as I am always in their corner. Family is so important as I have learned and we always need to remember that because we all need each other and we need to be there for our son who is the focal point. He is what keeps us all on the ball.

I am also responsible for myself and I need to make sure I am in good health and that I see my doctor when I need to as I have a family and they need me. I am taking medicine to help me deal with the loss of my dad and it helps though I still have those days where I miss him and feel sad but I remember going through a period of time feeling the same way when I lost my mom. As time passes it gets a little easier but it is very sad when you lose your parents as they meant the world to me and now I have to move forward as I know that is what my dad wants for me. I also need to be true to myself and live for my family as we all need each other and I rely on my wife and son and they rely on me. My mother-in-law lives with us and we are very fortunate to have her as she does wonders and is very good with Matthew and he enjoys her company and she loves him very much.

I am also very fortunate to have 2 sisters who have been very supportive and always include us in family celebrations. We enjoy seeing them and we are grateful for having them and their families in our life. It is a bit sad knowing Dad is not there anymore to share in a family get together but we all are there for each other and keep each other strong and offer our support for each other.

As the workday draws to a close I call my wife to tell her I'm on my way home and that I love her and Matthew and her mom. I look forward to seeing my wife and son when I get home. If I get home late they are already asleep so I give them both a kiss and wait till the morning to greet them once again.

I then eat my dinner, take a shower and wind down til I feel sleepy. Then I go to sleep knowing I am very lucky for my work, my family and that I'm doing fine. That is a day in my life with my wonderful family.

Edward D. Iannielli III

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