Thursday, September 24, 2009

September Blues

It's officially the end of summer and the start of a new school year for Matthew. We actually are eager for our son this September as he starts a new school and we have already experienced a taste of what a school day is like for him. We are happy with his teachers and his curriculum and feel this school should be a better fit for him. As we all know it is always a bit sad to see summer go and fall begin as we all are a bit nervous and excited with the start of a new school year. I always remember as a kid having the September Blues but would quickly get over it once I started the first week. I sense Matty also felt sad and a bit nervous but we talked to him about starting a new school and reminded him that he should be excited and always strive to bring out his best. He is a bright boy and certainly capable of doing well and making friendships.

I remember my mom and dad would give me advice and guidance and all the love and support I needed to get through the difficult times I experienced and they made sure I was settled in and doing my best. I feel things are similar with us in how we approach discussing school with our son and we also know how important it is to guide Matty and support him as he progresses throughout the school year.

We want Matty to look forward to school and to enjoy learning and to maintain his curiosity and desire to learn. We always feel he is very capable of achieving success and enjoying the school experience. One thing that school will provide for our son which he needs is structure. It is very important for Matty to be on a regular schedule and maintain consistency. The program he is in is suitable for his grade level and he has a small class so he will get the individual attention he needs. Matty needs to be monitored and closely watched as he does get easily distracted so one of the areas the teachers are working on with him as we do at home is teaching him to focus and complete the work expected of him. He has the ability but needs prompting and rewards. Eventually we hope the prompting will become less as he hopefully will learn what is expected of him. It takes time but we are very encouraged as we do like his teachers and we feel he likes his new school and his teachers too.

When I ask Matty about the subjects he likes he usually indicates that he enjoys all his subjects but his most favorite are math and art. He also likes science and reading. I was always interested in math after I was mentored by my kindergarten teacher who was working together with her assistant teacher and my mom. I remember my kindergarten teacher and her assistant because they left such a great impression on me for taking such an interest in my development with the aid of my mom. Mrs. Blackbear and Mrs. Rubin were very helpful and I owe them and my mom my sincere gratitude as they helped me learn math and eventually gave me the interest to enjoy it and excel in it. My dad also was there to help me and encourage me with mom.

Maria is very attentive to Matty and helps him with his homework assignments. When he has a problem with his math assignment I help him and it brings back so many wonderful memories and I take the same interest in teaching him that my mom and kindergarten teachers took in me. Life has a way of teaching us what is most important as I want my son to be confident in his math skills and hopes he really enjoys the challenge of it.

So Matty has now been in school for 2 full weeks and is now starting to adjust and is making progress and we are happy that he is comfortable in his new setting and likes his teachers. We know Matty needs a lot of support and guidance and we realize it will take time for him to make a complete adjustment and as time goes on we feel very optimistic for him. Oh the joy of a new school year is here once you get past the blues after the first week.

Edward D. Iannielli III

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