Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Effective therapy for autism.

When you decide on therapies to assist your child in helping them with adapting and growing despite their diagnosis of Autism you will find various alternatives. The traditional method of effectively treating behavioral and social difficulties associated with autism is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Basically with this method of intervention you focus on helping the child with problem behaviors and try to implement methods of behavior modification and reward through positive reinforcement for improving and changing improper behaviors. In treating autism there are many ups and downs but every little accomplishment made is significant and helps the child in gaining confidence and improving their social and behavioral skills. The ABA method will help contribute in aiding the child in learning to become more independent in various surroundings and adapting to changes and helping them make progress with behavior and in socialization.

Floortime is another popular method of treating an autistic child and the method focuses on getting on the child's level by interacting with them and addressing their needs and helping them in acquiring the skills to help them with socialization through one on one communication and emotional expression.

Occupational therapy is another common method used for treating autism by addressing fine motor skills, social skills, coping skills, play skills and self help skills in improving quality of life and providing the autistic child with the necessary skills to have a meaningful and enjoyable life through the collaborative effort of doctors, school professionals and the autistic child's family.

Dietary therapies are also an effective way of treating autism such as a Gluten Free and Casein Free diet. The theory is that the proteins associated with gluten usually wheat based or Casein usually milk based is absorbed differently in autistic children and this affects the brain and how the autistic child learns, interacts and behaves. By eliminating these proteins in autistic children the associated problems seem to diminish based on observations but these tests are not conclusive.

Other therapies involve teaching autistic children the importance of bonding with animals and nature. There are places available where children can learn to ride on ponies and horses and gain confidence and lasting memories that help them to have fun and to learn to express themselves and make friends and bond with animals. Dogs also serve as animals suited to bond with autistic children. Dogs are also trained to help autistic children through difficult times and make great companions.

Arts and Music serve as wonderful areas of self expression and also help in reaching autistic children and help them expand their minds and their creativity and provide them with wonderful experiences and help them gain confidence and teach them very important skills.

The dedication of teachers, doctors, parents, and other professionals who seek to provide the proper services and methods to help autistic children make strides are truly necessary and very much appreciated because this is so very crucial to helping autistic children succeed and learn to live complete and full lives with promising futures. We are all working together to help these kids have a chance so they can use their talents and shine. It does take the efforts of so many to help just one autistic child and in the long run it is well worth it.

Autistic children are special and they too deserve a chance!

Edward D. Iannielli III

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