Sunday, September 27, 2009

It all starts with family.

The love and support of family is so important in growing and developing and becoming independent. I grew up with all the love and support I ever needed and a lot of guidance and parental advice. My parents were always there for my sisters and I and they would always make themselves available to us and they would respect us and also let us make our own decisions. I felt that I could talk to my parents about most everything with some exceptions as I believe there are somethings I just kept to myself and wished not to talk about and I respected my parents and knew I could always talk with them no matter what and that was very reassuring to me.

Maria and I talk to our son and let him know that we are always here for him and will always listen and advise him as he grows. We want him to know that we love and support him and will do all we can to provide him the best we can as parents. We want him to grow and develop and have self confidence and feel good about himself. It is so important to teach your kids that they can follow their dreams and they can strive to be their best.

As a young family we try to spend as much time together as we can and do realize we all have busy schedules so when we do have the time to spend together we feel it is important to involve our son and allow him to decide on some fun things to do for the day. I enjoy when we take day trips to the museum or aquarium or family outings to the beach. Matthew loves the ride out to Montauk point which is always a fun trip to make. We also enjoy catching a baseball game together to see the Mets, Yankees or the Ducks. I prefer going to Duck games because they are much closer and much more friendlier on the wallet and Matty enjoys the activities there and I think the quality of baseball is great. We also enjoy seeing movies together and for the couple of hours we are there it is an enjoyable experience. Another fun thing we like to do as a family with our son is bowling and miniature golf. When we go on family vacations we always try to find a miniature golf course which is something Matthew always enjoys especially the well designed courses with themes.

This is a nice time of the year to take some day trips and we always enjoy driving upstate to go apple picking or drive out East on the Island to go pumpkin picking and hay riding. With the changing season it is a beautiful time when the autumn leaves change colors. The colors of the leaves as Matty reminds me are brown, yellow, red, orange and light green and it is fun to see the changing colors and to take pictures.

This is a nice time of the year as we all start preparing for the holidays and we look forward to getting together with family relatives and ringing in the holidays. We also relive the memories of past holidays when we remember our parents who were so special to us. Matty still likes to write his Christmas wish list to Santa Clause and he looks forward to his visit on Christmas Day.

It is important that we teach our son the real meaning of Christmas and not focus on all the commercial aspects of the holidays. We teach him that Christmas is the birth of Christ and that it is a special time to get together with family and friends.

The first introduction to the holiday season that Matty enjoys is Halloween because he enjoys giving out candy to all the kids in the neighborhood and counting how many kids came. After he gives out a generous amount of candy he looks forward to mom or dad taking him around the neighborhood to go trick-or-treating. He enjoys picking out his costume and will probably choose SpongeBob for his costume.

Another holiday Matty likes is Thanksgiving and he explains to us that the meaning of this holiday is the friendships formed between the Pilgrims and the Indians and how they gathered together to feast and celebrate in 1620 at Plymouth Rock. One thing he loves to watch on TV is the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and he enjoys watching all the floats. He would love to see them being made the day before and has asked me if I could take him sometime and I tell him I will try my best to take him.

As we celebrate another year passing we realize how important it is to spend time with our son together and enjoy the good times and see our son doing well in school. We try to teach him to have confidence, to show respect, and to make friends in his new school. We very much care for his well being and want him to be happy and to succeed. This is what I feel is our main goal. It all starts with family as I learned as a kid and as a parent.

Edward D. Iannielli III
Helped by Matty Iannielli (my son)

100th post

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