Friday, September 18, 2009

A view of life through the eyes of a child

Oh how life seems so complicated when you get older. Since I graduated high school it seems I had to make so many choices it would make your head spin. As I think back to my childhood it all seemed so much easier. I did not realize the hugh responsibilities our parents faced at the time but now as a parent I realize how much they loved and cared for us and how we were the center of their life. They had their stresses but they seemed to manage it well and nurture all 3 of us. My wife and I feel the same way about our son Matthew. I was a relatively happy child who benefited greatly from my parents love and support and the love and support of my sisters.

I was pretty naive as a kid and was usually well behaved and usually did my own thing. I learned quickly that I should always listen to my parents and my teachers and that I should do my homework as soon as I get home from school before I watch any of my favorite tv programs.

Now that I am a father I enjoy the opportunity of seeing how my son is learning and growing and I enjoy spending time with him. My wife and I are instilling in our son the same values we learned as children which are showing respect for others, conducting yourself in a proper way, learning discipline and responsibility. He is a treasure and has so much to offer and we encourage him to focus on his strengths and we are working on helping him improve on his weaknesses with the help of his teachers in a collaborative effort.

I am quite impressed with Matty and I am blessed to be a part of his life and to learn from him how he views the world and fortunate enough to share with him in his own words his views and interpretations. I realize how he is no longer a baby though I still think of him that way sometimes, as I am resisting him growing up too fast. I also realize he has so much wisdom and knowledge and is very intelligent and we as parents will always encourage him and love and support him every step of the way.

I have seen my son act in such compassionate ways as he reacts to calm a crying child or how he bonds with a younger child and makes them feel very comfortable. He has a very sweet quality in how he always wishes to offer his help and he has exhibited maturity in his actions and displays genuine care and concern. My wife and I are working to help him in building upon his self confidence and self esteem so he can learn to challenge himself. He has so much potential and with all of the resources we have available it is very important that we allow him to grow and mature so he can become more self reliant. We still have to help him with certain aspects of his behavior and allow him to express himself and talk to his psychologist to help him through those rough times.

As parents we teach our kids to listen and behave and always try their best and to never get discouraged as they are our future.

Matty has a naive and innocent way in how he sees the world and he has always enjoyed learning and exploring as he is a very curious child.
He can take the initiative to learn and research and follow through with things which are quite commendable qualities.

We love the holidays and come October when Halloween comes Matthew loves to help give out the candy to all the kids trick or treating in the neighborhood. Once he has given out a generous share of the candy he then enjoys a little time with dad or mom trick or treating and is always happy and it is fun to see him enjoying the Halloween experience.

He also still believes in Santa and it is so cute when he writes his list requesting what he would like Santa to bring.

Our son is very special and it is a pleasure to share life with him and my wife and to see things or try to as he does.

Edward D Iannielli III

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